50+ Riddles with Answers (Funny, Tricky, Logical, Adult,..)

Riddles are a fun to read and share. We created a big list of different types of riddles with answers. These include funny, tricky, logical and adult type of puzzles.

50+ Riddles with Answers (Funny, Tricky, Logical, Adult,..)

If you want to pass your time in a brilliant way, then there is nothing as good as reading and solving riddles. In addition, These will make you laugh and side by side think logically. Archer Taylor says that riddle is a universal art and can be found in different ancient cultures.

Furthermore, puzzles give an intellectual pleasure which is incomparable. We have listed 50+ solved riddles with answers. So that, you can easily read, solve and check your answers with our answers. Read>


Logical Riddles

When you add logic to your words. Then, your words become noticeable. In today’s date, everyone is after finding logic to things. We have also added logic to our list. So, use your brain and try to solve these logical riddles.


The more you take me, the more you leave me behind. What am I?

Answer:- Footsteps

I am Dark or white, sweet or bitter, sometimes I can be Belgium and sometimes I can be Swiss. What am I?

Answer:- Chocolate

I have a head, a tail, but no legs. I am brown in color. What am I?

Answer:- Penny

I can point in any direction but can’t reach the destination by myself. What am I?

Answer:- Finger

Where do sailors go to take their baths?

Answer:- In Tub Marine

You can carry it everywhere even if you don’t want to. You carry it without forgetting behind. What is it?

Answer:- Your Name

People come to visit me frequently every day but rarely stay long. People try to keep me clean but I become dirty in seconds.

Answer:- Toilet

I am warm and sometimes I am cold. Don’t try to break me. It hurts a lot. People gave me and also keep me. What am I? 

Answer:- Heart

Funny Riddles

It’s a great fun to read and solve rib-tickling puzzles. We have created funny riddles which will definitely make you laugh. Read>


What room in a house do ghosts avoid?

Answer:- Living Room

If Trump and Daisy Duck got married and had a son afterwards. What would they name him? 

Donald Duck

Which rock singer needs a shower because of name?

Answer:- Mud-donna

It’s fun to do and you can spend hours looking at it. What is it?   

Answer:- Facebook

I can go in your mouth but you don’t swallow me. I am hard but people make me soft. Many times people blow me. What am I? 

Answer:- Bubblegum

What do students say to their math teacher if they are finding difficulty with even numbers?

Answer:- I can’t even

Which is the best gift you can give to all these people – Drunkards, blind people, and nerds?

Answer:- Glasses

Suppose you are staying in Europe with one of your feet resting in Germany while the other feet in Belgium. Now, what country you are really in?

Answer:- The Nether-lands

Adult Riddles

There are riddles which are recommended for 18+ guys and gals. The point is children cannot understand and solve these puzzles. So, if you are adult enough, then, go ahead to read and solve these.

What did the comedian say to his fans when he took off his clothes?

Answer:- Haven’t you ever seen a comic strip.

What did the hangman gift his wife on her birthday?

Answer:- A Choker

Why did the male employee get in trouble for going out with the female coal miner? 

Answer:- Because She is a minor

What words the ice cream say to the spoon while having romance with each other?

Answer:- Spoon Me

What is Mrs. Right’s first name? Any guesses…

Answer:- Always  

Tricky Riddles

If you love difficulties, then try to solve these tricky riddles. These will definitely require you to think a lot. So, read and try to solve them. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends.

Question from Chemistry — In the periodic table of elements you won’t find this letter from A to Z alphabets list.

Answer:- The Letter J

Which creature has feet but no legs?        

Answer:- A Snail

What’s long and hard to hold and calls Cu?             

Answer:- Cu-cum-ber

There is a certain crime in the world, that if it is attempted, is punishable and you go to jail. But if it is committed, is not punishable under law. What is this crime? 

Answer:- Suicide

What word starts with “c” and ends with “t” and is synonymous with pussy?

Answer:- Cat

What’s trimmed regularly but gets longer and longer. The color is usually green but becomes brown if not given water?

Answer:- Grass

What book do teenagers love the most? All mothers tell their children to stay away from this book.

Answer:- Facebook

Which pin has board in it?

Answer:- Pinterest

What is a word that starts with “P” and ends in “e”. All women loves it.

Answer:- Purse

We hope you definitely liked this post and tried to solve the riddles. If you know more riddles, then, write to us or comment below. We will be happy to add your puzzles to our list.

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