All About Viooz and 12 Best Viooz Alternatives

What is your idea of a perfect day off from work? For me, an ideal day off is to wake up late, breakfast in bed and curl up in my blanket and watch movies all day long. But doing that my pocket was taking a significant hit. So I started looking for a website that can help me watch the latest and the best movies for free. You won’t believe there are ample sites that offer you this benefit.

The best among them, I found was VIOOZ. This has a great collection of movies as well as TV shows. You can browse almost for anything on this website irrespective of any genre. The site has one of the best user interface and very simple to follow and learn. Viooz is an open site, and thus, anyone can register on it.

There are many features like there is no need to login to gain access to the website, there is a movie description with every new movie, and it is free for all. You can explore through the various genres and also wish to list the movies that you want to watch later. There are also multiple options to stream the videos like in HD or SD, or just in Dolby sound quality.

viooz to watch latest movies

Although Viooz is the zenith of the free streaming movie channels, there are various other options that you can consider, if you want.

Best And Free 10+ Viooz Alternatives To Watch and Download Latest Movies:

  • MEGASHARE:  Megashare is an online portal website that can help you browse the best and the top rated Hollywood Movies of all times. Various genre options choose from according to the mood you are in. There are ample of movies from comedy, drama, fantasy, science, science fiction and what not.

This website is also free of cost and gives a very user-friendly website. You will find everything you need on the home page itself.  You don’t need to log in or anything to watch movies or TV shows.

megashare online movie site - viooz alternatie site


  • MOVIES4K: It is a perfect website for movie lovers. This has an exotic collection of movies, and thus, you can choose among the best collection for watching. There are various adult movies also available that are hidden deep inside the website. So you will have to dig a little. I would recommend the sites to be used by adults only. Even if you want the adult content, there is a possibility it can pop up during an ad or just some random suggestion.

movies4k website to watch movies


  • SOLAR MOVIE is an accumulation of top rated HD movies. The user interface is fundamental and thus very easy to understand. There is also an option of downloading the film and watch them offline later. Vast varieties of movies are available on the website that too, in almost all the genres. If you want to watch a specific film, you will not have to hunt it in the sections but instead type in the search bar and boom, you will have your movie.

solarmovie website to watch latest movies for free


  • PRIMEWIRE is a free website that lets you browse through many movies. One of the most significant features of this website is, it will allow you to archive the movies that you like or want to watch next. You can create as many wish lists as you want and fill in the movies of your choice. You can also search from the search bar that is present within each of the exclusive categories.

primewire movie website - viooz alternative

  • 123MOVIES is my personal favorite. I have been browsing the movies here ever since I started using the internet. Don’t judge me, and I am a late learner. You can watch any movie or TV show here. You get to watch the videos in a high-quality picture and top-notch sound surround.

The website is regularly updated, and thus, you will not be bored by the collection at any point in time. This fantastic site is absolutely free of cost and also comes with a recommendation box. In this, the top movie buff and critics tell, about the movie you could watch.

123movies website - viooz alternative


  • MOVIE25: It is an innovative way of watching movies. It is connected directly to the latest TV shows and movies. You can get the option of watching whatever you have been watching on the TV lately if you connect the user account of the two and use a shared Wi-Fi. Isn’t that cool? You can also download the movie and watch it offline as per your convenience. This is one of those sites that will allow you to watch the whole movie in high quality without any breaks and technical glitches.
  • LOSMOVIES: It is one step ahead of all the websites mentioned above. They update their content daily, and you get the latest movies daily. It is entirely free of cost, and thus you can watch movies anytime and anywhere. You can also the app on the phone and watch movies on the go. They have no doubt the best collection of films from all over the world. But let me warn you to warn you, you might get hooked to this fantastic site forever.

losmovies website - viooz alternative

  • WATCH FREE is the website that will allow you to watch the movies for free as the name suggests. But there is also a huge collection of a premium TV show that you can watch for free here. You know how difficult it is to get the highest grossing TV show tape or to download? You have to pay a lot of one to watch the premium shows like that.

So good news for all those people who do not want to spend a lot, this website will give you almost all the premium TV shows, that too, for free. The website also allows you to stream on lower data but doesn’t compromise with the picture quality. You can see this as a cherry on the top of a big delicious cake.

  • NEW MOVIES ONLINE: It is a colossal collection of newly released films all over the world. You get to watch all the latest movies for free. Along with it, it has a very high quality of picture and surrounds sound to give you just the right feel of a movie theatre. There are various categories and genres from where you can choose the movie of your choice.


  • FMOVIES– I know the website because I have streamed the entire Game of Thrones Season 7 on this website. It has zero glitches, has a good quality HD picture quality and doesn’t pop up ads in between streaming. Although, I also watched Doctor Strange and the streaming experience did not do justice as my last one. It’s been a while since my streaming, but it’s a good option for TV shows. One great advantage is that it is all free.

fmovies website - viooz alternative


  • MOVIES CAFÉ-this is an online streaming website where you can choose from the many different genres. It also has many award-winning documentaries in store. So under one streaming platform, you get the option of watching almost all kinds of movies in any different language.


  • PUTLOCKER– gives you the same option of watching the movie without having to download them. The user-friendly search bar helps you to find the film you want to watch. You can also browse through the movie by genres if you don’t know which one to watch.

All these above-mentioned websites are very good options for streaming online. As Viooz is permanently banned in all the countries you can freely and safely browse in any of the above sites.  They are all free and thus can be streamed without glitches. Most of these websites categorize their movies and shows according to the genre. Always look at the Top 100 or Top 200 lists these websites publish. The movie critics and experts release such a list in order to enhance your movie viewing experience.

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