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Copyright License Agreement

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Third Party rights

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Terms and Conditions

By accessing this site or reading its content, it is recommended for every user to first go through the following listed terms and conditions. After accessing this site or reading its content, you bound by these terms and conditions which are as follows –

  • The content of the site can be harmful to children’s reading and viewing. However, the site is not responsible for any adult content or any type of content that is not good for them.
  • The user may be asked to provide information like – name, email id, website etc. while using like, comment and follow buttons of the site. The site reserves all the rights to use your information in any form without informing you.
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  • The site reserves all the rights to publish whatever contents the site likes.
  • The site is not responsible for any kind of loss or dispute directly or indirectly caused by the content of the site.
  • This site only publishes its point of view regarding various subjects. However, its point of view can be wrong at times. The site doesn’t guarantee anything about the products, services, brands, etc. mentioned in the site.
  • The person accessing this site becomes a user of this site and every user’s information can be accessed, copied or used by the site on its own terms.
  • The site without any notice to its users can change its terms and conditions. It is recommended that user; himself time to time keep a check on terms and conditions levied on to them by this site.
  • The user is solely responsible for using this site in case of all kinds of losses.
  • The user has no right to blame the site, misuse the site’s content, misuse it’s the site’s name with any wrong intentions.
  • The site is not promoting any brand’s use when mentioned in its content. The site only gives its point of view according to how online customers are finding the product.


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