Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy specifies clearly to the user how Classytec collects the user information. Also, why we collect it and how users can refuse it.

Personal Information

The information we collect from the user is based on the form filled by the user to the site. However, it is mainly the user who has to decide whether to fill the form or not. We collect their information to continue with our spam checks and other verification processes. The user may be asked to provide his name, email id, website and phone number by this site. This information is usually asked when he comments on a post or contacts us.

Non-personal Information

Non-personal Information means the information of the IP address, internet service provider, and other technical details like – operating system, type of device used to access the site, and other similar information. The site sometimes collects this information whenever a user tries to communicate or contact the site.


Classytec may use cookies to keep records of the user and to maintain a relationship between the users. This will help the users not to be asked again and again by the site about their information. However, the user can at any time refuse cookies sent by this site to them. This site uses Google Adsense services to show ads on this site. Google also uses cookies which enables it and the advertisement partners to show their ads. Any user may opt out of cookies by third parties by visiting

Why do we collect the user’s information?

We collect the information of the user to maintain a good relationship with the user. The collected information undergoes spam checks by the site. Spam checking is necessary by the site for its security purposes. The information provided by the user is used by the site to provide relevant customer services to the user. The site can send you email updates regarding its blog and help you regarding your problems.

Third Party

This site uses advertisements to generate revenues and this site has no control over the content of the advertisement that published on this site. All the third parties vendors or ad networks, including Google, advertisers, sponsors,..etc. uses cookies and have their own privacy policy. We don’t interfere with their privacy policies and the user can read their privacy policies first before continuing with their services.


Advertisers of this site can use cookies to maintain relations between the users. Users visiting this site get continuosuly accessed by the advertisement partner and they will track you afterward. This site uses Google Adsense to provide ads on its site. Google and third-party advertisers use cookies mainly based on users browsing this site and/or other sites over the internet. However, any user may any time opt out of personalized ads by visiting Ads Settings.

Modification to Privacy Policy

The site will time to time update and modify its privacy policy to get better with their users. Also, the site while improving itself will modify its privacy policy according to the advertisement partners and users interest. So, the user must time to time check its privacy policy to keep himself updated on the changes made by the site.


While continuing with this site, users have to agree with the privacy policy. In case of non-agreement, the user must not access this site.