Tetris Friends Alternatives | Best 10 Similar Games Like Tetris Friends

Tetris Friends Alternatives: Tetris Friends is an amazing platform to work as a Puzzled video game for Single, and Multiplayer. The best features as an online platform allow it to stand out from the crowd in the market. The platform allows users to compare the scores form others on the platform itself.

The platform consists of 5 various modes in multiplayer games whereas, 6 different modes in single-player games. The features of the game allow users to compete on different levels with other players. The online platform helps users to earn coins that can unlock new Tetrimino styles and skins.

The features and services of Tetris Friends are amazing and realistic. It provides many tasks for users to get a good score in various games. Significant games allow users to entertain themselves and experience unique features. Some other websites also work their hands to provide strong features to the users.

Tetris Friends

10 Best Games Like Zwinky

This includes online video games for users’ personal entertainment. Few of such websites offering video games as an alternative to Tetris Friends are:

Tetris Friends Alternatives | Best 10 Similar Games Like Tetris Friends:

1. Cultris II:

Cultris II is an online platform that gets the users, their choice of demands. It also supports the Split Screen element. Users can choose various modes for effective while earning high scores. It offers variety of interested performances for the users.

Cultris II shared the idea to have similar gameplay to Tetris with advanced features. This lets users complete every level of the game within the time limit for scoring great points. The difficulty level increases with every game level.

2. Jumble Blocks:

Jumble Blocks is another one of the best alternatives to Tetris Friends. It makes users experience Falling Blocks and Puzzle. It is again a Single-player video game offering blocks game. The free game is for originating new concepts for users.

It requires users to get two colored blocks in the beginning. Then it plays to combine them with vertical or horizontal selection to earn points by smash. Also, the complexity of the game increases with different levels of the game. It requires users to play the block-setting while concluding a straight figure. 

3. Super Mini Puzzle Heroes:

Super Mini Puzzle Heroes is another one of the platforms to get video game lovers their desired interests. It works as a Match-3 and Online Browser-based Flash video game. It accounts to get two characters to play against each other online. One can play the part of so many characters including Timmy, Po, Bloom, Gir, and Leonardo.

Super Mini Puzzle Heroes is an attractive platform to offer effective video gaming experience. It comes with exciting twists in which the players aim to join three or more same-colored crystal balls. This gets them to complete the players’ aim. The platform provides free services without any limitations for the users. 

4. Not Tetris 2:

Not Tetris 2 is a significant addictive platform that offers Puzzle of Physics-based video game. It presents a new style of interest for Tetris experience. Here, the block is no longer attached to the usual grid. Not Tetris 2 is a similar platform but comes with advanced services and facilities.

The game allows the block to rotate and get placed at any angle. The line becomes clear when there’s certain visibility. It is a free platform that provides multi-player possibilities with players against each other. It offers old-style classic Tetris mode for users who loved the previous version.

5. Puyo Puyo Tetris:

Puyo Puyo Tetris activated as a video game to cover many benefits and entertaining factors for users. This included Puyo and Tetris as a combination of two major gaming styles. It works as a free Puzzle video game, Single-player, and Multiplayer platform.

Formulated by Sonic Team and published by Sega, the game gives block placing and completing techniques. The platform restricts no such feature and allows the smooth flow of content. The game is about Puyos falling from the peak of the screen and can then get rotated before placing it down.

6. BlockOut:

BlackOut is another alternative to Tetris Friends that supports gaming platforms at large. It fulfills users’ demands with Puzzle, 3D,  and Single-player video games. The game also equips users with high-demand initiates a series of challenging levels.

The players try to drop the rows by the placement of blocks through blasts and earn points with them. The successful game lets the users enjoy the challenges with different blocks. The different shapes and sizes of blocks make it more interesting and competitive.

7. Slydris:

Slydris is a great source of entertainment as a video game platform. The Platform gives users the best shot at Puzzle and Single-player video game. It is a free source to play on Mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It began by Radiangames with specific features.

Slydris captivates various gameplay through manipulation of shapes of two-colored blocks. This attempts to clear the complete line of the same color to earn points. The platform provides three different modes- Infinite mode, Zen mode, and Survival mode.

8. 1010 Block Puzzle Mania:

1010 Block Puzzle Mania is a string platform to dedicate one’s precious time in. The platform gets users to play games as a Puzzle and Single-player video game. It began by Gameboy Studio with advanced techniques to compete with players.

1010 Block Puzzle provides two different levels of modes for better conduction. This includes Normal and Time modes. It offers various levels for different users, making them difficult with certain competitions. The game has grid sets containing four blocks that need rotation for the next level.

9. Bag It! FREE:

Bag It! FREE is a Single-player, and Multiplayer video game with Puzzle, Match-3. It offers a variety of services to the users by Hidden Variable Studios. The platform initiated for mobile platforms as a game in a shopping bag, full of groceries.

The challenging atmosphere by Bag It! FREE gets users to new levels of excitement. It starts with the creation of chains between three or more cans of the same color.

It originates with three exciting gameplay modes including Rampage, Puzzle, and Standard. Here, each game type contains several other levels.

10. Dream of Pixels:

Dream of Pixels is another benefitting platform for users’ entertainment. It is a  Puzzle of Classic, and Single-player video game. The platform offers various activities including falling of block puzzle elements and more.

Users’ main task is to clear the lines through falling blocks with quick access to score high scores. Various modes covered by Dream of Pixels are Pro, Puzzle, Classic, Nightmare, and Shattered Dreams.


The above-mentioned trending platform for game-lovers provides unique features to the players. This allows users to make a wise choice amongst the best platforms possible. Also, the above-presented platforms are not the end of it. There are several other games also working for the same.

The list is quite some of them to present the best of all. The gaming platforms focus on performing unique services for users’ best experience. Also, the featured platforms work to compete in the industry of gaming platforms. Hence, offering the best deals for free to the users. 

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