You can mine Pi Cryptocurrency on your phone; until it’s next halving then the currency will be floated

If you like $BTC (or even $DOGE) or other cryptocurrencies, it’s worth checking out Pi.

Pi is a cryptocurrency which is easily mined on mobile phones with no financial cost, no battery drain, and a very light footprint on the planet. It is a legitimate cryptocurrency and application that is growing rapidly.

Much like Bitcoin, Pi was designed to undergo regular “halving” to protect its scarcity and reduce supply. Therefore, earlier adoption helps you earn more Pi at higher rates, the longer the project runs, the less Pi is produced.

There are now over 14 million people involved in this project, helping to develope applications, test the network and mine the currency.

Expect to start seeing Pi in the news when it hits 100 million users, as all mining will stop and the currency will float and begin trading. At this point the real value of Pi will be determined and the currency will come into its own.

Other cryptocurrency projects and investors have tried to smear the project suggesting it is a pyramid scheme. This is absolutely not true; a pyramid scheme aims to make money from successive tiers.

Pi uses direct referrals only and rewards the referrer and the referred party the same amount for helping secure the network. No bonus is provided for further downstream referrals, there are no tiers and no commissions.

This method of referring people is a methodology for reducing bogus accounts, mining bots and to reduce fraud to ensure integrity for everyone. It also helps to stop spam accounts producing more Pi and diluting the value.

Some of the things I love about Pi:
* User & Planet-Friendly: Easy to use security at scale, without the massive electrical waste.
* Decentralized: Secure, immutable, non-counterfeit-able and interoperable digital money.
* Mined on your phone: Does not drain your battery.
* Rewards Adoption: Earlier adopters will receive the most Pi.
* Pi Wallet: A free cryptocurrency wallet is included which can be used for multiple currencies.

How much will it be worth?
There are a range of price predictions in the market, and one of the key factors will be the applications that are developed on the network, however a number of sources have put the price around $2.01 per Pi at launch with an expectation of up to $5 by 2025. I’m not sure how accurate those prices will be, but if they get close, it’s an excellent return for a currency you can mine on your phone for free. And, it’s highly likely the price would continue to rise as the network ensures scarcity through halving and has a finite total supply when it launches.

If you would like to learn more about the Pi cryptocurrency or are keen to mine Pi for yourself then simply check out the Pi website.

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