Best ExtraTorrents Proxy List and How to Unblock Extratorrents

ExtraTorrents used to be the world’s second largest torrent site, but it was shut down voluntarily without explanation in 2017. His empire of loyal fans and followers didn’t know where to go. While others moved to new sites using the name of ExtraTorrent, others were more warm, curious to know if those sites were falsified.

Well, you might know about ExtraTorrent if you’re in the torrent sector or download torrent files. This page has been one of the most popular sites for a decade where huge numbers of people visit to download their favorite torrent files. With more than a million torrents followed by a crazy fan, ExtraTorent was the only place to go. But the site has recently finished its service, so let’s go through the content, learn about ExtraTorrent Proxy sites, and find out more.

extratorrent proxy list

History Of ExtraTorrent:

In 2006 when torrent sites such as Mininova and TorrentSpy dominated the lands, ExtraTorrent became known at the time.

ExtraTorrent fought long and hard and became the second largest website after Pirate Bay. Thousands of visitors attracted every day. The site was best known for hosting entertainment-related content, specifically movies and television shows. As a consequence, there have been many complaints to hosting companies and domain name services to shut the website.

This is still unclear, however, whether it was the legal pressure that contributed to the torrent giant’s disappearance.

A few days ago, when ExtraTorrent went offline, the torrent world was hammered in the storms, having left only a vague, cryptic message and lots of deceived leaks. Well, nowadays, retired ExtraTorrent administrators do not want to stop work and have ExtraTorrent re-established as

If you try today to visit, you will notice that, the latest domain name of ExtraTorrent, will automatically be redirected to this site. The Academic and Research Network of Slovenia administers this field and contains approximately 80 domain names.

So, what will you do if you’re still looking for a file-sharing replacement for ExtraTorrent? We will offer you some help while recalling that sharing copyrighted materials is illegal and therefore not supported by vpnMentor.

There are still strong alternatives to ExtraTorrent, but care is needed to access them, and we always recommend using a VPN whenever you torrent.

Why ExtraTorrent Not Running At This Time?

Well, the website is undoubtedly down at the moment. However, it’s already running its new domain in a fine condition. The site was actually available when verifying the site with the help of

extratorrent is not running - best extratorrent proxy and alternatives

But the site becomes unavailable from time to time, but for a shorter period of time. So if the page becomes inaccessible in the future, the list of proxies you can use will be given below.

What is Proxies and ExtraTorrents Proxy?

If you don’t know the proxy and Extratorrent proxy meaning, let us just simplify it for you.

A proxy site usually works as a middleman between your site and the site you like to visit. The sites operate on various dedicated servers and provide users with uninterrupted access to various blocked sites.

It gives the user access to download certain content from the official website in the case of ExtraTorrent’s proxy list. Whether it’s any torrent category like movies, games, music, or anything else, you can download whatever you want.

Nevertheless, proxy sites have their own disappointments because most of them have malware or incomplete files. They also contain advertisements that may be suitable.

Why Use a VPN to Access ExtraTorrents?

Although torrenting, as well as other P2P file sharing activities in most countries, are not illegal, they carry risks, from cybercriminals stealing your information to files carrying viruses and malware on your devices. And as it can be used for illegal activities, in many countries torrenting is restricted and in some others, it is completely banned.

A VPN offers your data to travel through a secure, encrypted channel (a “tunnel”). Nobody can track what you’re doing or use the link to add your own data.

More importantly, a VPN will change your IP address and make it appear in another location such as Switzerland, Spain and Poland, where torrenting is not restricted. For its high speeds, reliability and complete user anonymity, we suggest NordVPN for all your torrenting needs.

2019 ExtraTorent Proxy List:

Now, that’s the part that you all have to wait for. The sites may contain viruses or may not be accessible in some condition before we proceed to ExtraTorrent Proxy sites.


ExtraTorrent VPN services:

You can create a secure, encrypted link to a private network via the internet through a VPN service. You can assume a VPN as a bridge connecting your computer to a remote server. So you and the connected server can access this tunnel so that others cannot see what you’re up to.

Your objective is, of course, to connect to ExtraTorrent, and this is where situations get really exciting. If you are safely and privately linked to a remote server using a VPN service, you can access other internet servers via the remote server. So even ExtraTorrent will not know you are the one who makes the requests if you connect to ExtraTorrent using the VPN.

Final Words: 2019 ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites / Extratorrent Mirror Sites:-

To conclude, ensure you use a VPN no matter which torrent site you use. A VPN guarantees that you are secure and secure online while fully able to thorn ISP.

Even though the original ExtraTorrent site is not available, you can now still access the ExtraTorrent site using the above proxies. The ExtraTorrent proxy sites list above is among the largest on the Internet that you can ever find. That being said, you can also use a VPN from your desired country server to access ExtraTorrrent.

ExtraTorrents is a successful torrent tracker that provides a wide variety of content, and a devoted community that supports its development.

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