FreeNas Alternatives | 10 Best FreeNas Alternatives For Storing Data

FreeNas Alternatives: FreeNas is free software that helps users in storing data. The platform was initiated to understand the importance of large data issues and thus, satisfying the needs of the customers efficiently. FreeNas creates a room for users’ data within the operating system and gets the storage attached to the system.

While the software runs as an open-source with free availability, it is captured as one of the best platforms in the market. Furthermore, the network-based system is available in around 21 languages. FreeNas is a recommended platform by the users. The platform makes it easy for the users to share files within various applications including Linux, Apple, or more. 

While the platform has a lot to offer to its users, it also has some drawbacks. Thus, some users do not find it extremely helpful and shift to other platforms for better-suited services. The features of the platform make it a little monotonous.

Furthermore, other websites have alternative features to offer that can benefit users with a variety of options. Therefore, certain free options available in the market as an alternative to FreeNas are listed below for users’ choice. 

FreeNas Alternatives

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FreeNas Alternatives | 10 Best FreeNas Alternatives For Storing Data:


OpenMediaVault is an alternative to FreeNas based on Debian Linux. The website allows the best services to the users with (S)FTP, SSH, BitTorrent client, and even more. OpenMediaVault furnishes the best deals specifically designed for home networks. The small offices are also designed ed to make the data effective. 

Furthermore, OpenMediaVault is an easy to use platform that gets the users’ attention with os NAS solution without any knowledge. 


NAS4Free was curated as an open-source solution based on FreeBSD. the website chooses to provide supportive sharing towards any Unix like systems, Windows, or Apple platforms. It is a system filled with Software RAID, ZFS v28, disk encryption, email-reports, or more. 

NAS4Free gets an effective startup with protocols such as AFP, FTP, or Rsync. The platform uses the concepts of easy and simple interface with higher compatibility. This makes the platform more reliable. 


Weezo is a great app that lets its users decide the possibilities of accurate use and implementation. The website is a significant approach to gain access to your computers such as videos, music, images, or more. 

Weezo provides satisfactory services to its clients while implementing the best outputs. Tother with the network-based functioning it caters to refine the advancement further for the users. Weezo helps the users find the right platform for the right work. 


ZFSguru is known as a multifunctional application that captures the users’ demands with sudden advancements. The featured platform develops the newest services for the users to get hang on new customized deals.

Furthermore, ZFSguru is a well-performed multifunctional server application that is easy to use and helpful for the users. Also, with its efficiency, it creates a user-friendly platform that helps the users in maintaining high performance. It also helps in easy navigation of areas from one to another. 


Openfiler is a new encrypted platform that follows the new ordeals in the market. Working as an effective alternative to FreeNas, the website was created by Xinit Systems. The platform is based on the distribution of rPAth Linux. 

Openfiler is one of the high-end platforms that provides network-attached storage and block-based storage area network. The website is a summarisation that requires a minimum of 256 MB of RAM, 500 MHz CPU, and 10 GB hard disk space. Thus, the features of this website represent realistic and passionate services for the users to get strong results or outputs for the same. 


Amahi is another efficient platform that occupies most of the users’ choices and demands. The performance of the website is based on an open-source home server. It is one of the imminent and widely used servers around the globe. 

Amhi gets the largest apps collection on the platform for users’ exposure and edition. It also allows 20 available languages for easy to use services.


‌One of the most user-friendly servers is FUGUHub. It can run on simple computers even the ones you have at your home. It gives you the accessibility to your documents, videos, and photos from your Mac computer, Linux computer, and windows computer. 

The compatibility of this server is what attracts its users. You can run this server without any hassle on your computer. It even allows you to transfer files whether they are light or heavy to numerous people through the mail. Once you try it you will know the reason behind its preference among the rest of its kind.


Rockstor is BTRFS and Linux based and another hassle-free alternative. On just one click it replicates shares and creates scheduling snapshots as it comes with web UI. Managing everything with the help of the web UI in rockstor is very simple and user friendly. This is one of the reasons that make it one of the best alternatives for FreeNas.

You will like it more than any other alternative once you get used to it. Not only rockstor is easy to use but also well organized. It is one of my favorites because of its simplicity and ease of use.


The best thing about FlexRAID is its storage capacity. It gives you a very large storage capacity for your data. It is used in many companies for storing their important data and files in one place. 

FlexRAID allows you to compile your files and store them in a single unit. This also helps to easily find them whenever you need them. It keeps your data safe and secure as it provides data protection. It has a unique feature called RAID which helps to get any of your lost files and data back. 

10.unRAID server:

The storage memory provided by unRAID is up to 38TB. You can boot this server from a USB device and this feature makes it one of the best alternatives. unRAID server works best where there are large folders and files to store like IT giants and corporate companies.

It serves as two versions registered and unregistered which are compatible servers. It works on any operating system like UNIX, Linux, Apple, and Windows.

unRAID server is best suggested to use the server if it’s downloaded from the company’s official website. It is user friendly as well as compatible with various operating systems.


The above-motioned websites work as great alternatives to FreeNas and occupy huge network concerns for users’ best experiences. The websites are an important aspect of such advancements in the market helping the users get the best fit for themselves. Furthermore, the features offered by these platforms make the corporate world benefit from certain services. 

Also, the developers keep on adding the new best features to the list for effective actions. This leaves the monotonous trail behind the bars making more out of the technology and handling. The above-complied websites and more offer a lot of features to the users and amuse them with their work. Thus, the help of these websites makes the market create more in the niche.  

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