PrimeWire Alternatives – The Best 10 PrimeWire Alternatives

PrimeWire Alternatives: PrimeWire works as an online streaming service that functions to let users watch movies, TV shows, or even listen to free music. The platform offers various facilities to its users incorporating the best of efforts for the detailed watching experience.

This website offers multiple titles enrolled on the platform to equip the offers on all media. Furthermore, the website redirects its users to choose videos or movies without hosting the videos itself. PrimeWire suggests the best functions of audios and videos while circulating the best content with no viruses or malware. 

PrimeWire is down - PrimeWire Alternatives

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After its shut down, people are looking for alternatives that could boon their watching experiences with an upgraded quality. Thus, this article provides a list of alternatives to PrimeWire that can attract you to get a great watching experience. 

PrimeWire Alternatives – PrimeWire Is Down So, Here Are The Best 10 PrimeWire Alternatives:

1. Crackle:

Crackle is a free-to-use streaming service that highlights the goal of entertaining its audience. This includes the users to create their watchlist effectively through its app that can be accessed through iOS, Android, Amazon Fire Stick, Xbox One, Roku, and PlayStation 4. Crackle caters to the needs and demands of its users by offering hundreds of well-known movies for streaming.  

However, this streaming application only offers its services to the US natives and is not compatible with any other country. 

2. Vubu:

Vubu is another website that offers great deals to its users with great perks. This is again free of charge service where the greatest hits can be enjoyed. Moreover, it can be rented if the users want no ad interruptions between the scenes. 

Vubu confirms the users to create an account for better performance and functioning. Well, it just takes a minute to follow its procedures and get your account ready for streaming. This website is available in the US as an app for Roku, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

3. Tubi:

This website helps the users to stream videos that aren’t available on Netflix. Moreover, its free platform and can be accessed for all videos without even logging in. However, it requires registration only if users want to create their playlist. 

Tubi mentions its availability in Canada, the US, and Australia. Furthermore, it’s implying its possibilities of becoming GDPR-compliant to provide access to European natives as well. This app is available for most platforms like Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One, and PlayStation consoles. Also, the content’s availability varies from location to location. 

4. ImdbTV

ImdbTV is a popular website that gives a free streaming service. This website powered by Amazon allows the users to stream through their own free will. Moreover, it also provides an updated feature where users can log in through their Facebook or Google Accounts. This website catering to fulfilling the users’ needs attracts most of the best fits conveniently. 

5. PutLocker:

This amazing website gets its users to use the best source of watching movies and other videos for free. The most classical website may look outdated still runs at the same pace. Furthermore, as an online streaming site, PutLocker comes up with a conservative design that structures up an elegant look to attract users.

Furthermore, the content offered by this website is exquisite and is a demanding taste of many users. The website thus looks up for recent or popular movies or videos for streaming including Japanese cartoons, Asian dramas, and models from the unknown times since the cinema started. 

6. SolarMovie:

SolarMovie is once again the desired platform by many people that offers a wide range of dramas and thrillers to entertain the audience. Working on a complete contrast note from PutLocker, this website works on modern elegance and provides the best features outgrowing all possibilities. 

SolarMovie always works as a high-end platform to provide the most content and the best of content to its users. Furthermore, it offers any systematic content from high-quality Blu-ray rips to CAM releases with no content fuss.

7. 123Movie:

This is an online streaming platform where users get to experience various basic and high-level content involving all kinds of audiences on the same platform. After the shut down of PrimeWire, this website got a high tide of users to involve its source. 

123Movie is a platform that suffices multiple features for its users. This includes the elegance of modern design with a wide selection of content or excellent media player that also supports keyboard shortcuts. Also, the theme looks for multiple mirrors to choose from the source of 123Movie. 

However, the setback of the website is only the floating of ads that restricts certain use. Yet, the website knows the importance of ads and its use even for the users themselves. 

8. Popcornflix:

This platform provides its users with various categorized contents including the most popular, trending, or new arrivals in line. Furthermore, it works with Popcornflix originals also, to give its own taste to people and better understand people’s choice. It also functions to provide features like comedy, action, drama, family, horror, thriller, sci-fi, mystery, western, romance, or even old-school notes. Thereafter, stand-up comedy or even documentaries with Asian action, bro movies, and foreign firms also heat up the sources. 

Popcornflix works its efforts in building up a platform that could rectify users’ needs and demands while entertaining them with the biggest hits and pollers at the same time. It also offers the design of media players that can get the users to create GIFs, share favorite movies, and also leave time-stamped comments or TV shows with friends.

9. Niter:

Niter is the latest trending site for online streaming that is gaining popularity day-by-day. This website asks nothing but a click. Its theme relates a dark background to easily captivate anything and everything. Furthermore, it offers its users to comment on the site and provide feedback for any concern or issue faced. 

As we speak, Niter focuses on optimizing the best results for its users and lets them enjoy there watchlist satisfactorily. However, the responses are for now on hold on the website, we hope it changes as soon as possible for better clarification of the doubts of users. 

10. 123PandaMovie:

This site is not so popular among the people and its work thus remains hidden. As a matter of fact, it has a high efficient movie for streaming and great popular videos to watch. This still-growing website has a long journey to outspend the others but is still dedicated to functioning effectively. Furthermore, its content results in a highly optimized and goo-quality content. 

The way this site works would surely bring laurels on its own and will definitely reach greater heights where users will know its name and get used to its features shortly.  


From the list, the users can identify the best site suiting their needs and demands. This way, the users get to know the best functions of all the websites, and streaming seems easy. The list could vary from time to time with the involvement of other websites or with the upgrades if any.

Thus, the users need to stay updated with the requested concerns to be aware of the best online streaming websites and enjoying the alternatives of PrimeWire. 

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