Rabb.it Alternatives – Sites Like Rabb.it To Watch Videos With Friends

Rabb.it Alternatives: Rabb.it is an app and also a website that offers fulfilling needs to watch anything with your friends or even with random people on the platform. The platform can make users choose between any browser or platform for optimized functioning such as Google, Amazon, Spotify, Twitch, and more.

Rabb.it even provides playing of favorite songs from YouTube for users. The more you interact the more you find it useful. The app discovers the taste of songs in people and assures high-quality performance. The app or website follows nearly the same functions and allows you to make voice calls, chat, video calls, send photos, or share your browser tab. 

rabb.it alternatives to watch netflix with friends

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Rabb.it app has a good and efficient way to work yet, the users demand more and more enthusiastic platforms for better effective attention. Thus, the article holds up users’ attention with certain objectives that could work as the best alternatives for the users and impact the users’ performance. Here are the top 10 alternatives running in the market that could provide users with high choices according to their demands. 

Rabb.it Alternatives – Best 10 Sites Like Rabb.it To Watch Videos With Friends:


Kosmi is one of Rabb.it alternatives that comes up with the users’ expectations and provides even more. Kosmi is a website that allows users to get virtual hangouts with specific interactions. The site creates a room for users after easy installation. This helps the users to do private talks amongst groups and individuals. 

Furthermore, the main aim of the website is to provide quick and easy access to all its features. The website follows up screen sharing for watching Netflix/Amazon Prime together or get video calls with friends and colleagues. Moreover, it also helps users to play games together and involve each other with quick and simple access. 


Watch2gether is another major alternative to Rabb.it. This allows users to watch videos and locate content online together with friends, colleagues, or families. The website aims to help consumers interact more safely while connecting. The development of good bonding among the users is the priority of the website.

It establishes the platform with joining rooms and searching videos for fun. However, the content is restricted on the website to YouTube, Dailymotion, Amazon, Facebook, and Vimeo. Get a hang of the website and users can enjoy more than expected out of it. 


SimulChat is a website that lets the users create rooms along with watching movies, sharing files, or even playing games. The website entrusts the users by watching the bets of work while having fun. Furthermore, the users can get free possibilities of the website immediately. 

SimulChat works for its hands-on getting the videos synced. However, the platform does not allow the users to share videos from Netflix or Amazon Prime for now. But it offers to share the videos with friends and families without any interruptions and easily. 


TogetherTube allows the flow of current advancements into its platforms and makes it explicit for users. While it works only on specialized platforms such as Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud, it functions effectively with advanced features. The website covers up the creation of both public or private chat rooms. 

TogetherTube makes the users share videos and add them while others can vote for the best videos in the room. Furthermore, the inclusion of the ability to configure the settings in users’ chat rooms makes it more worthy. 


ShareTube is another platform just like Rabb.it. It helps users create chat rooms with better privacy features. The users can also invite others on the platform to develop or curate content or chat with them. The more you interact, the more you get to know the website specifically. 

Users need to create an account to get a hook of the website more clearly. Also, the platform is easy, simple, and efficient to fulfill all the basic needs of the users. 


AndChill is the platform for taste lovers and honest interacting users. It allows the users to get their desired entertainment of connecting with people while chilling. The focus of the website is to get a simple user interface for easy functioning.

The website follows up with a list of recently opened public chat rooms for the users to make it easy. Furthermore, people can watch how many people are there in the room before joining it. AndChill results as a platform to make people meet new users with advanced features. 


Rave is a platform that provides specifications essentially as a web-based media center. The permits the site to get a social media platform for sharing videos and music as well. Rave looks for users who are interested in videos as well as audios. 

Here, users can share audios, music, videos, and more with friends, families, or anyone. The website can function effectively through mobile devices too. The platform is also available as an app for devices such as iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.


The website caters to watch out for immediate attention towards users who are interested in easy navigation and abrupt results. MyCircle.TV streams content with no need for creation for another room. The platform works to give content from YouTube and offers the sharing of free popular videos from other websites.

MyCircle.TV helps users upload files and content to myCloud for enough space and better preferences. The attention of the website in certain details attracts the users towards it. As we speak, it also gives Social Share feature that helps users to invite their friends and colleagues from around any corner of the world.  


Synaptop is known as a web-based service for users chasing experience. The site allows the configuration of synced videos and formulates a remote connection for friends and families. This is free to use a platform with addictive features by its side. Well, users need to create an account for immediate functioning. 

This also allows the users to get downloads of various movies, videos, Audis, or any content as its web-based. One setback it holds is that it gets selective movies from a set list of titles on the website.


Airtime is a platform that runs as a mobile app with availability in iOS and Android devices. Also, access to the website is to make users share everything and anything with its special design. The platform covers up listening to music, watching videos, send messages, do group video chats, and more.

It also allows a synced video structure from YouTube or listening to music from Spotify. All the features on the app develop strong features. 



The 10 best alternatives above are specially phrased for letting the users know the high grounds of platforms in the market presently. Furthermore, users can choose the best alternatives according to their desires and importance. While focusing on the tasks and interaction the users get to learn new features and aim at getting better updates or advanced techniques with simple steps.

All the platforms or websites aim to get those fine results for users discovering new facets. The market covers up the feedbacks from the users and updates them time while also provides the feedback results. Also, it indulges the feedbacks with the users for others to know the best. 

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