Sandboxie Alternatives – Best 10 Sandboxie Alternatives For Secure Web Browsing

Sandboxie Alternatives: Sandboxie is a software that gets the reduction of the virus from your devices easily and conveniently. The more important files, documents, and games take place inside your drives, the more is the risk of having viruses.

Thus, the software helps in getting those viruses away from your device and clean it through simple tools and services. Sandboxie helps in initiating the safety and security of your devices through malware detection.

The safety tools from Sandboxie gives users a concerning idea of prevention from viruses. The protection and scheming for clearing numerous viruses effectively made the website a great help for users. 

Sandboxie alternatives

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While the website works its fine hands to get the best results for users, they also need various exposures on the same. The market needs numerous websites that could best suit the users’ needs and desires effectively. With the change of viruses and devices, there is a certain change in the use of websites too.

Thus, choosing the best fit for your righteous device is important. Also getting the most out of every website is demanded by every user. Few of such websites that could help the users get their desired results include:

Sandboxie Alternatives | Best Sandboxie Alternatives For Secure Web Browsing:


Various sources get various options for users to attract their attention. BufferZone is one such platform that changes the way people get their viruses scared. BufferZone helps the devices get cleaned with realistic and healthy tools. It takes place for users who love internet surfing. 

The software helps users download anything on their website without getting viruses’ attention. Furthermore, the software aims at getting protection from any third party sources. BufferZone includes protection from online shopping or gaming hubs. It also easily initiates to protect your IP address or any other relevant details from the outside sources. 

2.Cuckoo Sandbox:

Cuckoo Sandbox is another major alternative to Sandboxie. It lends a hand in getting genuine results for significant tools for protecting the devices of any type. Cuckoo Sandbox is an effective tool to track any corrupt file existing in the users’ operating system. It also supports any operating system including Linux, Android, Windows, or even Mac OS X.

The presentable software is activated on the devices, helping users to simply download links, videos, or any games on PC. Cuckoo Sandbox thus plays a significant role as a virus handling software. 

3.Shadow Defender:

Shadow Defender is another great platform for getting the viruses expelled. The initiative for this platform was to create a safe environment on the users’ device. It possesses a detection skill to easily capture any viruses present on the devices. 

Shadow Defender chases off the malicious files or any hiding documents on the users’ devices. Furthermore, it safely gets the files and folders away from hackers. The software gives users a safe browsing experience without any interruptions.   

4.Enigma Virtual Box:

Another significant alternative to Sandboxie is Enigma Virtual Box. The software tracks the issues immediately after being applied and gets the users’ devices right on track. Enigma Virtual Box is a software that helps in compressing many files that could save a good amount of space on users’ devices. 

The software is free to run software that gets no registration or formalities concern the users. 

5.Cameyo :

Cameyo is a software that was developed as a substitute for Sandboxie for usage on PCs or laptops. Also, Cameyo does not require any special permission for the usage on any device. The software gives access to apps without its installation on the website. 

Cameyo gives its best shot to curate tools for both companies as well as home-based purposes. Working both on professional and personal grounds, the idea is to give the feasible features to its clients. 

6.Deep Freeze:

Deep Freeze is another efficient tool that gets on some new significant functions in the market. Deep Freeze acts as powerful software that selects Windows and macOS for compatibility. 

Well, the most important function is that it even protects the hard drive of the computer system. Deep Freeze keeps all your internet activities private without any drawbacks. Also, the software is supposed to let no hacker or any third party get to the users’ details. 


FireJail is a software implemented mainly on Linux OS. The platform is meant to help the Linux users take a view of apps through FireJail platform. The processing of the software is easy and simple for any user to handle it effectively. 

FireJail also gets official files and folders on track and haps them become virus-free without any issues further. The safety and security measures by FireJail are occupied to get no harm to the devices severely. Moreover, it also gets the users with the prevention of their history from outsiders or hackers.


Spoon is a completely newly formatted software that gets the attention of users with a program that can test the significance of apps and other software on the device and help them get back to normal settings. Spoon allows a systematic manner of running the programs ideally. 

Furthermore, Spoon also helps the users get screenshots of the results for enhanced functioning. The utilities through this platform occupy using of tools for various games, apps, or even programs safely and securely. It presents the apps and programs that could harm or affect the devices currently on the device. 

9.Enigma Protector:

Enigma Protector as the name suggests is one of the highly recommended software for Windows. The platform works delicately with various operations on your PC while it protects the programs with its efficient tools. 

The optimization of its tools gets a significant reaction from the users thus, making it one of the best sources. Moreover, the platform works to keep all the users’ files and folders safe and secure away from hackers or third parties. It limits no version of Windows from using its features.


Bitbox is another great tool for checking on viruses on the devices. It helps in looking after the operating systems like Linux and Windows OS.

Bitbox also keeps users’ IP addresses safe allowing no hacker to harm your system in any possible way. Also, being free software it helps multiple easy follow-ups for users at the same time. 


The efficiency of these websites makes users wonder the best of all and best suited amongst all. Thus, having options to choose makes it more convenient for the clients to get through the concerns of having viruses in their devices. Furthermore, the fulfillment of protection and users will make the users get better and effective results.

The idea here is to measure the difficulties faced by the users and help them get better functioning while working on their devices. The outcomes from such websites make the users curious about using and applying for the finest results. Thus, the article gets on to the best working sites in the market for helping the devices get better. 

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