Best SEO Tools 2020 to Search Keywords & Competition (Mostly Free)

Usually, people ask about the best SEO tools which they can use for their website. My answer to them is – There are plenty of them to choose from but there are only a few which are doing very good. As the competition is high, therefore, you can’t stick to a single one SEO software. Try at least two or three tools to search keywords for your site. We have curated 5 best tools 2019 to search for good keywords which rank high and have potential to generate good CPC. Read>


Best SEO Tools 2019 to Search Keywords & Competition (Mostly Free)

As for as keywords are concerned, I recommend using long tail keywords because they have high potential to do good business. But, where to find good long tail keywords is the real question which further depends on your choice of SEO tools. This raises another question, Which is the best SEO software in 2019? I have listed 5 best tools which are doing great in providing you the best keywords for your site.

Moreover, SEO tools are the best way to analyze your competitor’s strategies and search keywords according to low competition and high CPC. Also, you can analyze how your site is ranking with the keywords in your site. Further, you can also analyze why your site is not ranking for a keyword whereas other’s site is ranking for the same keyword. In this way, you can completely analyze your site’s posts and pages to update according to SEO. Moreover, I tried to include in this post both free and paid tools to help all the people with low-budget and high-budget. Go through our list of best SEO tools 2019>

SEO Tools


SEMrush stands on the top and it is the blogger’s favorite choice. This is amongst the best SEO tools in 2019 mainly because of its attractive features which is much better than others. But, it is not a free tool, this may disappoint you a little. Especially, if you’re a beginner then choosing this tool can be tough for your pockets. Also, if your site working on a low budget, then I don’t suggest you this SEO software.

But, for medium to high-budget sites, this is the best option to choose for. However, all can avail 7 days free trial of SEMrush and get benefitted from this opportunity. If you’ll try out this SEO tool, you’ll find out that this is the best software to research for long-tail keywords.  Moreover, you’ll get complete results with CPC, traffic, and latest trend etc. For more details — Read our post> SEMrush Review 2019 – SEMrush VS Serpstat – Which is Best SEO Tool?


Serpstat is a free SEO tool and it is amongst the best SEO tools — Best in many ways. It is free up to a limit of 30 queries per day. However, if you want to raise the limit, then also, it offers several affordable prices and plans according to your needs. In many ways, this SEO software mimics the paid software like SEMrush to a certain extent. That’s why it is so popular nowadays. Apart from keyword research, you can also analyze your competitor’s, track ranking, perform an on-page audit, analyze backlinks, and much more. This software is the best — a complete package with almost all the attractive features to perform a complete analysis of your site as well as your competitor’s website.

Google ads is another best software, previously it is known by Google keyword planner. Recently, in 2019, it changed its name to Google ads. But, nothing much is changed in its working and features. It is a free software which provides you unlimited search of keywords. Further, guides you much accurately with competition, average monthly searches, page bid. Moreover, you can also see forecasts for the keywords. Analyze how they will perform in the future, maximum CPC you can earn, clicks you can obtain, and impressions you can gather in future. In its paid plans, you can also create campaigns.

Google Trends

Google Trends is amongst the best SEO tools to focus on certain parts of the world. This tool helps you to search for a term or topic. Moreover, get analysis according to interest over time and interest by regions. Further, you can also search for related topics and related queries to gather maximum about the topic and keyword you want to choose. It is very important for a website to analyze if the people or region, the site is based are actually interested in the topic or not? Moreover, from the past trends and recent trends, you can analyze if the interest has grown or declined in the particular region about a particular topic.


KWFinder is believed to be the best SEO tool amongst all SEO tools especially if you want to search long-tail keywords. This tool offers five lookups, suggests up to 50 keywords, and 100 backlinks daily for free. If you have to search more, then you can avail any of its pricing plans. The best part is — You can research keywords in any language, you use. Thus, if your site uses any other language than English, then this is the best tool to choose from.

Other Popular SEO Tools

I think the above – listed tools are more than enough for you. However, there is nothing wrong with trying other tools also which are as popular or less popular than above – listed SEO tools. If you want to try other popular tools, then you can try out these popular tools. Check these out>

  • Moz
  • Majestic
  • Siteliner
  • Fatrank

I hope that you’ll surely get the benefit from these SEO tools. If you’re already using any tool listed above, then comment to tell how you find the tool? Please, like and follow the site to get daily updates of published posts.

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