TextSheet Alternatives – Top 10 Best TextSheet Alternatives For Students

TextSheet Alternatives: TextSheet is an online website used as a tool for enthusiasts to get answers for their assignments or project dealings. TextSheet also helps the students and teachers to build a strong educational environment. Being a platform of huge popularity, this site uses the scripting methods to provide solutions to the users for anything they want.

As the name suggests, TextSheet helped mainly the students to answer their queries consulting the opinions and options for their homework and projects. However, the site was shut down recently because of Copyright infringement.

Textsheet alternatives for students

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As a result, people had to shift to some other best alternative to follow the same constructive pattern. Noticing the curiosity of people and immediate wants of alternatives, this article provides the best alternatives to the users. Below are the top 10 TextSheet alternatives that could allow the users to get involved instantly with a better understanding

TextSheet Alternatives Top 10 Best TextSheet Alternatives For Students In 2020:

1. Sladder:

Sladder is one of the known and highly used websites across US high school students. This website was developed to cater to the needs of the students especially with solutions through question and answer format. Furthermore, the firm attends to the basic necessities of the students online. This involves giving high-quality content with college-level solutions. 

As an online platform, Sladder works as an independent website that is backed by millions of students and tutors’ work. This has no limitations of subjects such as covering basic ones like Science, Mathematics, Finance, Law, Biology, Physics, Arts, and many more. 

2. Course Hero:

Course Hero is a free platform that provides more than 30 million rescuers to its students. This is free to use the platform if you can upload your own material on the website like a tradeoff. However, the premium access of $9.95 per month can offer the students a wide range of possibilities to explore more from the website. 

The material provided on Course Hero offers the facilities of videos, research work, notes, guides and more to learn through any form. This platform like any other platform tries to cover all subjects including biology, literature, advanced math, and others. 

3. Coursera:

Coursera again is a free to access virtual platform that offers students a variety of facilities to enjoy with better hopes. Adding to the alternatives of TextSheet, it is a significant platform that works to help the students by all means. It offers more than 4000 online courses to a number of 40 million active users through this platform. 

This not only helps the students get in the education they want but also improves their skills honestly developing them for the professional world. It works on both iOS and Android devices.

4. StudyLib:

StudyLib again is a free alternative to TextSheet that covers up an amazing database. It formulates a good amount of study material and resources for the young ones to have updated information of all forms. However, it is not considered a very user-friendly platform by the students as compared to other alternatives. But it holds equal importance of projects and efficient solutions to the students’ queries. 

StudyLib has a long way to hold a position in the market. Yet, it comes up with attractive features like allowing the sharing of notes from user to user. This asks the users to be registered online to get their full usage of all features. Where it’s easy to use and time-consuming, it also allows grammar and spells checking features.

5. College Board:

College Board was mainly meant to gain the attention f the students who are preparing for SATs. The lecture notes and research papers available on the platform are meant for SAT exams. Moreover, it also provides course guides to the students aiming to gain the best of knowledge. 

Just like TextSheet, this platform also allows students to purchase books and other course materials with a reasonable rate tag. In fact, students can exchange materials at great prices through the same platform. The course materials are not limited to any streams. Although basic subjects include, math, history, physiology, and more that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

6. Skooli:

Skooli is one of the best platforms that is known for virtual tutoring. This platform provides access to various students and teachers that could join to get or give information for any subject. Skooli does not require any registration or payments to signup. Its free signup includes the most out of anything that one wants. 

Furthermore, if one wants to get a better experience of Skooli and enjoy all its perks, it would require a subscription of $0.82 per minute.

7. Paper Help:

Paper Help is a platform with different aspects and functions. This online website involves custom papers on its platform. The main aim of this website is to provide sufficient data and management of papers for students. 

As a platform providing the best fine work to its students, it gets the hold of writing services for students.

8. Quizlet:

Quizlet is a free alternative that deals with students who want to prepare for any exam. The main aim of this website is to get the concentration of the students towards their examinations. Furthermore, it helps the students focus on the best aspects of what information could get to them.

This concept makes Quizlet an easy to use platform that could offer a suite of services to the students.  

9. SparkNotes:

This is another platform working as an alternative to TextSheet. It offers free access to its users with availability in any customized form. The app runs as a part of the website called The Spark, which started in 1999 by Barnes & Noble.

The platform offers a great deal of work with guides and study material to students. This can even help students with essay help, sample tests, and translations of Shakespeare.

10. CrazyForStudy:

This site contributes to the submission of papers and the work of participants all over the world. This captivates the motive of the platform to allow proper circulation of information and establishment for students of all subjects. 

It has been working with its best feature to provide the best model for homework and assignments of students. This involves many subjects to work like Marketing, Accounts, Finance, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Social Science, Economics, and more.


The articles present the best of websites that could help the users get through the procedures of TextSheet and work at an easy pace. With this, users or students can continue their work that might have stopped after the shut down of TextSheet with the best alternatives by their side. Furthermore, with the motive to provide best efforts, every website or platform looks after the best possible suites for the students.

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