The Art of Thinking Clearly With Positive Attitude and Yes to Life

The art of thinking clearly makes you a decisive person. While taking decisions and doings, we all encounter some kind of inbuilt fear. Some people fear from public speaking, some from examinations, some from failures, some from social rejection, some from heights and some from the water. But, we always have to get rid of the fears to generate good results. If you don’t, then surely you cannot make your life good. Read more>


The Art of Thinking Clearly With Positive Attitude and Yes to Life

‘Yes’ is a magical word which empowers us with positivity and creates momentum in our life. The art of thinking clearly makes our life richer and more vibrant. Luck always favors the bold person. If we anticipate worst then worst will happen and if we anticipate good then good will happen to us because everything is connected with our enthusiasm to do it. ‘No’ generates negative vibes and kills our enthusiasm and we shut doors of success.

Fear is the base emotion that stops people to change and grow. Fear makes us weak and triggers us to say ‘no’. We say ‘no’ because we don’t have self – confidence and self-reliance. ‘No’ is a very easy option to get away from things. ‘No’ makes your life simple but unfruitful. We say ‘no’ because we don’t have the courage to do it. But, If we keep on saying ‘No’, then how the future we want will emerge?


Leave Your Comfort Zone


the art of thinking clearly


When you leave your comfort zone and say ‘yes’, then you will realize the power of saying ‘yes’. When you are open to opportunities, then you will succeed. If you don’t know something, then you must try to do it. Saying ‘No’ will only leave you with a bare hand. You will learn only when you will try and practice. No one is born perfect; it’s only his hard work and practice that makes him perfect. The fact is – Beauty also leaves those persons who don’t do hard work. 


Grab Opportunities


the art of thinking clearly


Life is very short and we get few opportunities to succeed. Opportunities have their own timings and they surely will not wait for you. Sometimes, we say ‘no’ to opportunities and regret afterward. It’s always better to grab the opportunity at once. Say ‘yes’ to all the opportunities that come to you. Don’t fear from failures and delete all question marks generating in your mind that make you weak and say ‘yes’. Think but not overthink – This is the art of thinking clearly.


The Power of Saying ‘Yes’


the art of thinking clearly


“Don’t say maybe if you want to say no.”Ryan Holiday. A simple ‘yes’ will trigger you to put your best efforts in the work you took up. ‘Yes’ will become your cheerleader and you will overcome all your fears. Nothing is impossible in this world. Sometimes, few things that appear tough to us, in the beginning, become easier at the end. Saying ‘yes’ at the beginning itself will surely not harm you. You can also take help from others but at first, you must try to do it on your own. Nothing will happen if you fail and make mistakes. Always try to learn from your mistakes.


Believe in Yourself


the art of thinking clearly


If you are unable to say ‘yes’, then talk with the person who believes you can. The person can be your parents, your life partner, your close friend or anyone who can support you. The person can gear confidence and can stir ‘yes’ within you. We need to understand that we all are born to do big things.


Push Yourself


the art of thinking clearly


Know yourself and see how far you can go. Try to push yourself beyond your limitations. Be ready for the changes in you. Live and enjoy your life’s fullest version by saying a simple but a magical word ‘yes’. A ‘yes’ to life, a ‘yes’ to happiness and a ‘yes’ to success is a goal we all have to achieve.


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