Xpadder Alternatives | Best 8 Similar Emulators Like Xpadder

Xpadder Alternatives: Xpadder uses a gamepad to simulate a keyboard and mouse. The platform is specially designed for all the game lovers to develop a friendly relationship. It allows the emulation of keyboard and mouse for controlling and saving the configuration.

This maintains different consoles and video games to stay updated and preferable for the market association. Xpadder is developed as an all-in-one solution to allow the simulation of keyboard and mouse effectively. The game enables users to customize the functions of the platform while no need to install the complete package. It leaves no trace of unwanted parts on your PC. 

xpadder alternatives

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The software enables one to read decent amounts of controllers while assigning popular mouse gestures and key combinations. The software can automatically detect whenever links are controlled. Xpadder gets the turbo involved that can configure a minimum of eight sets of controls in every profile.

However, users always wish to have more options with their suiting pursuits. A few of the similar alternative software are listed below. This would get the users to add on their best experiences through the same.

Xpadder Alternatives | Best Xpadder Alternatives To Simulate A Keyboard And Mouse:


JoyToKey is a platform that favors the enthusiasm of users and eagerness to have Joystick as a great solution. The comprehensive website controls several applications be it Windows Explorer, Web Browsers, or any other platform. The platform allows emulating mouse input or keyboard strokes according to the joystick input in the software.

JoyToKey gets all the target applications to work as if they have been used as a keyboarder real mouse. The following platform acquires users to create multiple configuration files for switching across assignments of various keyboard and mouse. The featured website supports a solution to the automatic association of target setting for configurable files.


DS4Windows is a platform that allows the use of PS4 controller on users’ Windows PC. Working with its full potential, the software gets a portable solution for best experiences. The DS4Windows is a high-quality platform to ensure video game lovers to enjoy fast-paced and first-person shooter. The role-playing video games come with modest features of their own. 

DS4Windows allow users to enjoy various functions like Xbox one controllers and other accessories just by installing an emulator. The Discoveries make users curious to relate the best outputs for their devices. 


vJoy is another one of the major alternatives to Xpadder that gives the best features to users. The area covers many significant ideas designed for an open-source replacement. This makes users get the creation of some apps to use for input controllers with fixed or even non-fixed configuration. 

vJoy is a lightweight joystick device emulator that offers certain apps effectively. The vital use of the platform is that it gives a demo feeder attained with multiple configuration options. It is built to provide possibilities of various features through testing its functions. This includes sliders that are active and can change to instant moving positions up and down. 


ControllerMate is a running platform designed to trigger a custom keyboard, mouse, or even MIDI action through a huge range of input devices. The platform focuses on building architecture by using exceptional types of action. This can be built or triggered through the same. 

ControllerMate gives a simple single keyword programming action to trigger a generic button. It may be a complicated option in terms of timing and logic that occupies the users’ space. However, the combination of controls makes it possible for everything and anything. It was maintained as the background-only application but later was modified to flight simulators by gaming devices. 

5.JoyStick 2 Mouse:

JoyStick 2 Mouse was programmed to turn Joystick into the mouse of one’s PC. This provides a new sense of experience for avid gamers to reach new levels of understanding. The joyous platform emerges as a video game controller as a powerful tool to demonstrate better functioning.

Joystick 2 Mouse works to deliver new experience handling while controlling keyboard with effective deviation. The platform is known as more powerful and mapped areas compared to any other platform in the market. It is easy and simple to use while making the users understand the possibilities on a professional level.


AntiMicro works as powerful graphical software to keep the keyboard keys and mouse under the control of the software. The platform signifies the gamepad solutions effectively with an easy interface. The idea is to support game lovers with built-in gamepad support. 

AntiMicro solution supports various Windows, Linux distributions, and FreeBSD. The platform occupies users to get notable aspects for lightweight approvals for nearly every computer device. 


GlovePIE, as an active alternative to Xpadder, gives numerous possibilities to enhance the users’ experience. The platform allows users to take advantage of the platform as a comprehensive tool. It gets users to control any application or game with MIDI devices, trackers, joysticks, and more. 

GlovePIE is a unique platform to identify a lightweight tool to emulate a huge array of input devices. The platforms highlight some of the major features like enabling users to overcome the limits that are imposed by certain solutions. Also, it occupies the games to have access to a simple type controller. 


QJoyPad is another Linux/QT program that furnishes to allow the use of gaming devices wherever users want. The platform occupies users to gets a lightweight solution taking inputs from the joystick or gamepad. It provides mouse actions with keystrokes of the software that makes it better than others. 

QJoyPad offers a solution to playing games that are not even supported by Joystick for some reason. Also, it has features that can entertain the users with saving multiple layouts for separate settings with each game.  


MotioninJoy performs certain best significant features for the users’ convenience. It gives a PlayStation Controller Adapter Driver to function for an emulator. The services here obey the specially designed connections with PlayStation controllers for Windows PC.

MotioninJoy is a solution that offers the connection via both Bluetooth and USB. It formulates controllers to connect once the application is installed while linking it to the computer. The idea here is to give safe and secure participation of the page effectively.  


KeySticks is a platform that controls the media player of the users through a remote Xbox 360 controller. It offers a chance to control one’s PC with either a joystick or a gamepad rather than working with a mouse. Also, the platform gives an option to submit the web shares.

It allows users to relate as a feature-rich solution that is specially designed for gaming and processing. The beginner attempts to fascinate the users by remote controlling while adding on the feature of processing in solace. 


The possibilities with these platforms lead to the orientation of new advancements together. Also, the captivations of new techniques allow users to the easiness with a bundle of features in the market. The advancements make the users enjoy the best work without any limitations.

This gives easiness to the users for developing more out of the platform. Also, the alternatives to Xpadder allow the users to experience newness of other platforms while knowing the refined qualities of all. This makes them choose the best effective ideas to get through any favored platform.  

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