123Movies Unblocked Proxy Sites – Best List Of 123Movies Proxy Sites or Mirror Sites 2020

123Movies is a major movie and TV service used by many to watch the latest movies and TV shows. If you are searching for free movies with any popular search engine, you will most likely find 123Movies. It is famous because it can be used free of charge. To use the service, you don’t even need to register. The question that begins a response, though, is whether the 123Movies is legal and safe to use?

Is 123Movies.net legal?

Not at all. Indeed, the Motion Picture Association of America released a new list of “notorious websites” on March 18th that included piracy sites such as the infamous Pirate Bay. Also targeting 123Movies (also operating under GoMovies, 123MoviesHub, and others), the MPAA mentioned 123 Movies as the world’s most famous illegal film site.

123movies unblocked - best 123movies proxy list

The MPAA reports that for an illegal site, 123 Movies sees 98 + million visitors per month, which is extraordinarily high.

The MPAA has also published that it appears that 123 Movies are being hosted in Vietnam and so they are attending and working with Vietnamese agents (Police Investigation Agency C44) to try to take the notorious movie site offline.

123Movies issued a notice on the same day with a countdown of days left on the site. That countdown was set at five days on April 3rd. The time has come and gone, and a quick web search will disclose that half a dozen 123Movies websites are still in existence.

Even as 123Movies put this shutdown notice in one of their websites, they do not seem likely to take it all offline. Almost all of the 123Movies network is still up and working, and different sites are readily available for 123 Movies, 123 Movies Hub, and Go Hub, many with multiple URLs and servers.

Does that mean they’re going to stay online? Not inevitably. If 123 Movies is actually based in Vietnam and the C44 is working to conduct a crackdown on movie sites, it is highly clear that at least some of those sites may eventually go offline. The C44 should also be expected to turn over the logs to US authorities.

Is 123movies.net safe?

There may be some consequences with using 123Movies to watch free online movies. Because it’s a pirate site, you’re going to court notices from DMCA, and lawsuits might materialize. You also should be aware that in any copyright infringements you may have committed, the authorities can easily trace your internet activity and zero in.

Besides that, there is a malware issue. Many illegal movie sites are regarded as harbour malware, and you may be able to inject malware on your device by clicking on links found on such websites. You also need to contend with irritating pop-up ads that directly link you to unsecured websites in some cases.

Here Is a List of Our Favorite 123movies Proxy Sites or Mirror Site Servers:

123movies proxy list

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Best 123Movies Alternative Sites:

  1. Netflix

Although Netflix won’t allow you to watch movies free of charge online, as it has the world’s largest catalog. Netflix is the reigning king when it comes to movie content from fiction, drama, romance, sci-fi, to kid shows.

Instead of watching your favorite movies and TV shows using the illegal 123Movies, you can join the Netflix where more than 118 million Netflix subscribers enjoy the recent content without fear of having DMCA notices or become a copyright troll victim.

You can either subscribe to the basic plan at $7.99/month, depending on your budget or needs, or go to the standard plan that will cost you $9.99/month. You can have the Netflix premium plan for $11.95/month, which enables you to stream in ultra-HD, and the ability to view on four screens simultaneously. However, depending on your location, the Netflix catalog differs. Those in the United States are lucky to enjoy a large collection of movies and television shows. A premium VPN will be enough in most other areas to help you unblock the Netflix USA catalog.


Hulu is yet another alternative site of 123Movies that is gaining momentum. They deliver their users two main plans because of what they call the Hulu experience. You will be seen part of the limited commercial plan with $7.99/month, whereas the No Ads plan will cost you $11.99/month.

You can add SHOWTIME to your subscription through all the plans. Among the strengths of Hulu are the ever-increasing library of original content, live DVR television, strong anime, and the ability to watch on a wide range of devices. The reality that it is a legal movie service makes it one of the 123Movies’ top-rated alternatives. You must know, however, that certain commercials still end up serving in the No Commercials plan.

3. Amazon prime

Amazon Prime is a major premium service that makes massive content of famous movies and television shows available to its subscribers. They offer a special trial of 30 days, and you can try their website to find out if you want it or not. The trial period also gives you free shipping for two days. The great thing about Amazon Prime is if you don’t have the movie you want to watch, they give you the chance to rent it or buy it.

I also like having a parental control feature that allows you to prevent family members from watching certain films. The month of subscription to Prime membership will cost you $12.99/month. Amazon Prime is safe and legal to use as opposed to 123Movies.

To conclude:

For various reasons, many people stream 123movies unblocked and similar sites. Some sites that stream deny their content to outsiders who are willing to subscribe and watch the films. For others, they are burdened by the cost of paying monthly subscriptions. There are some who don’t even know that websites movie some free movies might be illegal.

This article answered your question about the legal and safe use of 123movies. It also offers some of the best legal and safe alternatives to use.