1337X Proxy List – is 1337X Unblocked? Best Proxy Sites and 1337X Alternatives

1337x is abbreviated as the word “leet,” a hacker for “elite.” In the 1980s, the word “leet” was used for the first time with its current meaning. Computer enthusiasts used to roam BBS and evaluate a variety of topics, including file sharing, back then.

1337x follows this tradition by providing, through the BitTorrent protocol, a directory of torrent files and magnet links used to share peer-to-peer files. 1337x is open to all as a public torrent directory.

But even though anyone on 1337x can register doesn’t mean all 1337x are equal. Users enrolled on the site are ranked by contribution. For instance, all VIP Uploaders have shown that their uploads are entirely legitimate, high quality, and original.

1337x proxy list

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Lucky people of UK, Japan, Singapore, and Canada residents can play torrent movies, television shows, music, games, apps, anime, etc. on 1337x site. Not every website has such diversity of files to torrent. It makes 1337x to one of them.

A user should register and sign in to evaluate all functions of 1337x. A form on a website must be filled out: username, password, email, and country.

Best 1337x Proxy List and Mirror Site Servers:

Maybe 1337x proxy servers are the easiest way to access the site. A proxy server is a server that operates as a middleman for client requests seeking other servers ‘ resources. When you use a proxy server to access 1337x, outside commentators only see that you are linked to the proxy server and do not see that the proxy server is conveying data to you from 1337x.

There is sometimes confusion between 1337x proxy servers and 1337x mirrors. A 1337x mirror is just an original site clone with a different domain name and server. In the other hand, a 1337x proxy server is indeed an independent website that makes it easier to connect to the original 1337x and also to other websites.

In reality, whether you connect to 1337x via a proxy server or using a 1337x mirror does not really matter as both provide about the same degree of privacy.

Here Is The Best 1337X Proxy Sites List and Mirror Sites:

1337 proxy list and mirror sites









Many people believe this website no longer exists, as not everyone is able to open their website on the Internet. 1337x.to is the domain. If this domain is blocked, try using 1337x.is or 1337.st.

And then after typing it to an entry line, viewers may see the message that offers the information about the website’s last test and potential access problems.

Even finding the link to 1337x through the Google search engine is difficult because this website is removed from the system.

1337x Site Best Alternatives:

Like almost all public torrent sites, there are frequent downtimes plaguing 1337x. Which is why you should know and add to your bookmarks what are some of the most popular 1337x alternatives. The great news is that you can also find most of the content found on 1337x elsewhere, but we encourage you to think before you click because not all torrent sites are as organized as 1337x.

Since you don’t want to use any tools to bypass restrictions, you can look at 1337x alternatives more closely:

  • TPB site varies wildly! There are many torrent files of any kind: music, movies, television shows, soft files, and many more. And its database is regularly updated.
  • Kickass Torrents is another prominent tracker in 2019. It is the collection of data of thousands of torrent files. Use is simple and convenient.
  • A great option to 1337x could turn into a RarBG torrent tracker that makes torrenting safe due to Firefox browser safe plugins.
  • It is also worth using the reputable site Limetorrents in case 1337x is inaccessible. The tracker is ideal for sharing P2P files.
  • Seedpeer is still popular since it was launched in 2005 because of its user-friendliness (in fact, it keeps reminding search engines) and varied torrent library.

Best 1337x Site VPN services:

You must be able to access 1337x with a 1337x proxy server or mirror even though you live in a country where the site is blocked. However, only a very limited level of privacy protection offers 1337x proxy servers and mirrors. Since you don’t want any third party to know that you are browsing 1337x, look at 1337x VPN services.

A VPN is a private network which stretches across a public network and allows users to send and receive information as if they were connected directly to their computing devices. With 1337x connected via the VPN service, your business remains completely protected from anyone except you and the supplier of your preferred VPN service. This does not mean that you are 100% safe and that you can do whatever you like without any consequences.

It’s always a great idea to spend extra cash when choosing a VPN service and go with someone that has a great reputation. Budget VPN service providers need to cut corners someplace, but when it’s not speeding and bandwidth allocation, security and privacy are usually even worse.

How to unblock 1337x Site?

Since it was already discussed that a VPN is a necessary tool for unblocking the 1337x website (and also several other websites such as RarBG, YTS and Limetorrents), it is the moment to define what steps should be taken: first, to decide which VPN provider to use and to subscribe to it.

Second, after a person’s installation of the VPN on a device for file sharing, it is important to change an IP to one that belongs to Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom or Singapore.

Therefore, if you live in a country where the 1337x access is blocked, it really is high time to subscribe to one of the best torrenting VPN services. There may be a logical question: what VPN should you subscribe to?

It’s up with you and your needs: check your IP address in third place.

Voila! The website of 1337x torrent is accessible.

To conclude:

Torrent trackers can be blacklisted by the government or ISPs at any time in any country. If you are interested in accessing any torrenting website (including 1337x), subscribe to any of the offered VPN services. Whatever your location, enjoy your favorite VPN series and movies!