igHome Alternatives |Best 10 igHome Alternatives To Create Customisable Start Page

igHome Alternatives: IgHome is a web-based dashboard that works on for a personal base. This gives the users an idea of getting more while crafting their web browser. The design and significance of igHome acts as one of the best replacements to iGoogle. Furthermore, igHome allows users to import every iGoogle data on it without any complications.

The more the site works on its updates, the more it gets towards the advancement scale. It further puts up the personalized system with the lists of gadgets onto the users’ dashboard setting up the lists carefully. The passionate website works for all the better processing and initiation of trustworthy work.

ighome alternatives

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However, people love tending towards the newest sources trying more and more features from other platforms too. Thus, we can say users like bending towards the best of all. Some other websites wanting to fulfill the demands of the users create more such platforms of the same niche.

igHome Alternatives | Best 10 igHome Alternatives To Create Customisable Start Page:

This article presents those websites that could get in front of the eyes of the users immediately with its efficient features. Some of those websites are:


AllMyFaves is a platform meant to check on the detailed analysis and supplements of visual bookmarking. The website looks for users who enjoy getting their priorities checked through website-visiting. The platform caters to make the users prefer the visit of favorite websites that initiates directly through a centralized platform.

It bookmarks and organizes the addressing of the platform for users’ favorite websites wisely. This brings them to find them from anywhere around the world easily.


YouPort is another significant platform that follows assisting consumers with a personalized homepage. Here, users can help themselves with internet possession in their way. YouPort offers a vast area of networking concerns to the users.

The services by the website include an online homepage through which one can check on all the favorite web-based data together. Getting just one centralized platform for many features, it also simplifies adding bookmarks, adding sites, and sharing tabs.

3.Awesome HQ:

Awesome HQ is a unique platform that delivers data solving as one of the best alternatives to igHome. It is again another homepage based dashboard system that looks after all kinds of online activities. Awesome HQ was built to replace the traditional ways of users for visiting the websites through browsers.

Awesome HQ was brought to work for people to visit the dashboard through the website and using chrome extension. Furthermore, it gets users with a one-stop-shop for custom shortcuts, applications, widgets, and more of such services.

This website gets the best options to its users for customization to craft their dashboards uniquely.


Another alternative, uStart is a great tool to address your website in a refined way. This platform gets a personalized homepage browsing experience for all the users conveniently. It provides a wide area of perks to the users while using this website.

It stops users from getting towards visiting the bookmarking, RSS feed system, and similar systems in the future. The more it discovers, the more it allows getting the users to get a personal internet. It occupies users with choosing browsing settings on the internet.

Thus, uStart gets the major possibilities of joining the best advancements on worldwide platforms.   

5.My Yahoo:

My Yahoo is another similar alternative for iGoogle and igHome. The website offers a great deal to its users to customize the page with better tools in the market. My Yahoo gets a few themes, widgets, layouts, and sites. Furthermore, it gets the users to stand out with more fun to use websites gaining more attraction and attention.

My Yahoo is a dedicated website for accessing programs and applications on the users’ page easily. Also, it gives access to the fastest RSS reader for users. The platform occupies the performers to get stabled and attractive effects.


NetVibes is s platform meant and reserved to locate the creative vibes of users through the internet. The website gives online control of users’ homepage through available widgets and many other options. NetVibes surrounds the internet platform with a particular dashboard getting high rates on social media and more. It also gives access to users with favorite events, topics, markets, creations, and much more.

The stability and strength of this igHome alternative, attracts the users to get more tools to work according to their demands and needs. Thus, NetVibes gets the users to apply around on the website with more creations and uniqueness while getting high-quality implementation.

7.Start page by StartMe:

StartMe is a page set up by Start Page that works on the efficiency of personal space. This occupies most polar utilities for the users through many services. The platform creates a personal page for users and provides web-based results.

Start page by StartMe, lets the users initiate some efforts with navigation through a user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for users to surf while following very simple steps. The desired output for the users is always unique with simple management strategies by users. The website is free to use with no interruptions of ads on the platform.


ComboBox is a not so similar alternative to igHome or iGoogle but is highly efficient. The functions of ComboBox include enabling of JavaScripts. The platform works efficiently with nearly the same services as igHome with different efforts though.

ComboBox furnishes the users with a simpler interface and easy performance of activities. Furthermore, it allows users to create their section on the dashboard. Also, it strikes on getting users’ content. 


Symbaloo is a platform of newness and works as a mix of an RSS feed. It is a fine alternative to igHome that has capabilities of working with a separate widget section. It can give instant access to the favorite addresses of users over the internet.

Symbaloo’s free version restricts some of its features for users. Yet, it works as a fine establishment and gives the best value services to users.

Symbaloo is a patient website and obtains high-quality content and compatibility while clearing observing the users’ choices and demands concerning best orientations. It helps in the creation of as many sites as the users want without any limitations.


Protopage is a highly significant platform to help users with the creation of websites. The platform allows users to work with an RSS feed platform. With efficient updates, the platform is now occupied as a personalized free home page system. Protopage enables the users to save the links from the platform for future reference.

Also, it allows users to enjoy various services like save bookmarks, favorite websites, or even post sticky notes on your platform.


The above-mentioned igHome alternatives are a significant mention of how great things work. Providing great acceptance and newness in the market of browsing sites, all the platforms give hands-on competition to provide the best to their users. As we speak of the best, efficient, and skilled sites to confirm the advancement, it brings in the best association.

The users get a range of ideas for enhancing their skills and creativity through these platforms. The article thus signifies the best alternatives available in the market for the best outcomes.


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