10 Best iOS Emulators For PC (Windows/Mac) & For Android To Run iOS App | iOS Emulator 2019

Have you seen the long queues outside the Apple store just before the release of their latest product? I mean it is so long that you can confuse it with voting ballot line. Just kidding but the craze for the apple products is very high. Even though I have never understood the buzz around these products but people who use it are like worshippers of the brand.

There are certain privileges you get with the product, but there are also some things that you might miss out. The number of smartphone users has raised considerably, many folds. Ios is a primary operating system in Apple products. It has enough flexibility to install the third party app to increase the accessibility of the user. IOS also allows third-party applications to run very smoothly.the best ios emulator for pc windows and mac

If you want to purchase an iPhone, but you don’t want to struggle with the operating system, I have a perfect solution for you. Some people have complained a lot about the complexity of the operating system. They believe by the time they learn how to use the operating system something new comes up. Thus, to ease difficulty a little, many developers have introduced the emulators for the iPhone operating system.

Every person has heard about the emulators, but most of them associate it with playing games. But the beauty of emulators is that you can use its various purposes. So if you want to check how the iOS will work for you, download the emulator on your smartphone and use it for some time.

  • The best reason for using the emulator that you can use the same apps on your phone and computer. This will also save a lot of time and you can troubleshoot on the laptop on the go. You can test the bugs and virus in a snap. Most developers say it is best to use an emulator as it is far more cost- effective.
  • The good thing is that these emulators are free of cost, so you don’t have to pay for the operating system. Some really good developers charge a one-time fee, but they are not much.
  • There are times when you want to play some game, and it will support only by an iOS.so, what you think will be cheaper, buying an iOS device or buying an emulator. Buying an emulator is the best choice.

Difference Between Emulator And Simulator:

An emulator is a virtual interface that allows the users to get the real experience of an actual operating system. It is a complete replacement of the actual system. It provides a platform that allows the users to test the applications and the functionality of the real software. Whereas Simulator provides a kind of similar interface as that of the actual software. But the simulator cannot be used in the same way as emulator works. It creates a virtual environment that will allow you to test the system but can’t make any changes to it.

Best iOS Emulators For Windows/Mac:             

If you want to test the apple operating system and but don’t want to buy the device right now, then emulators are the answer for you. You can directly download the emulator and test for yourself of the operating system works for you or not. Secondly, it is entirely free of cost, so you can the Apple device for free certain games work only on the iOS and thus if you want to lag behind your friends, download the emulator.

best iOS emulator for pc windows mac and android 2019


If you cannot find the right emulator, in this article I will give you a brief of various emulators that you can downlaod and install on your Windows/Mac OS to run iOS apps on Windows/Mac OS for free.

Free Best iOS Emulator For PC (Windows/Mac) List 2019:

  1. MOBIONE STUDIOS iOS Emulator For Windows&Mac:-

mobione studio ios emulator for windows

The reason why it is on the top is that it is one of the best emulators for iOS available out there. Even though the developers have stopped working on this emulator, they are on the top of every chart. This emulator allows the users to understand and test the various applications that are exclusive to the apple play stores. This is easy to use and not at all resource hungry. The last feature would be that this emulator is also capable of creating the same notification bar like that of an actual apple device.

2.SMARTFACE iOS Emulator For PC:- 

smartface ios emulator for pc windows and mac os to run ios apps

The emulators of this kind are specially designed for professional users. The professionals create various apps for the iOS store. Thus, the emulators are used to test the application whether it will run well on the actual device or not. This emulator is not free of cost as it is designed for professional purposes. It will work well even on the cross-platform iOS applications. In short, I would say this is one of the most feature-packed emulators.

3.APP.IO iOS Emulator For PC:-

app.io ios emulator for pc

This emulator is available primarily for the windows. The best feature of this emulator is that it is entirely free of cost. It is effortless to understand. You can set up the emulator with a hassle-free experience. The developers kept in mind the simplicity; thus nay novice can also use this emulator. Sometimes, you may have to sync the app in the phone for using it on the windows. The cross function is very smooth.

4.IPADIAN iOS Emulator For Windows & Mac PC:-

iPadian ios emulator for mac and windows

I think this is the smartest name for an emulator designed for iPad. But it will work just fine on the other Apple Devices too. If you want simplicity, then it is the right destination for you. You may not have the technical knowledge or could be technology challenged; you will not face any issues in using this emulator. It is very simple to install and even further to use. The user interface of the emulator is very smooth and strong; it is user-friendly and works well without any lags.

5.APPETIZE.IO iOS Emulator For PC:-

Appetize.io emulator for pc

Well when I read the name, I thought who keeps the name of an emulator so much related to the food. I was also a bit sceptical by looking at the official website. But then when I tried the emulator, I was nothing short of being impressed. It is unique iOS emulators that run on the windows as well as on the phone. You can create a cross platform application on the cloud using this emulator. The emulator is free for the first 100 hours of downloading. After that, you will be charged a nominal fee.

6.AIR IPHONE Emulator For Windows and Mac:-

air iphone emulator for windows pc

This emulator is based on the Adobe AIR framework. Therefore, it is quite impressive. You can access all the excellent quality applications with this emulator. You can install the app hassle free on your device. Once it is done, there will no further glitches in using the emulator on your device.

7.IPHONE SIMULATOR For Windows and Mac Operating Systems:-

iphone simulator for windows and mac

Here’s an emulator that is specially designed for playing the games. This will support as well as further enhance the experience of playing the exclusive iOS games. This will adjust to your phone with ease, and you will face no issue in using the emulator. Simulation means, creating a duplicate copy which is the same as that of the original. Applying for both the advanced and intermediate users is effortless. But the beginners may find it a bit complex

8. ELECTRIC MOBILE STUDIO iOS emulator For Windows and Mac:-

electric mobile studio iOS emulator for windows pc and Mac OS

The emulator is specially designed for the professional users on the iOS devices. It has the most similar features as that of the actual iPhone and iPad. There is an option to have a free trial before making the full-fledged purchase of this emulator. But the only flaw with these is that they are a bit costly. Only if you need it for professional uses, you should buy these emulators.

9. RIPPLE iOS Emulator For PC:-

ripple ios emulator for windows and mac

I personally like this emulator the best. They are available for both the iPhone and IPad. This emulator goes beyond the normal usage of the emulator. You get many benefits of using the emulator. It is straightforward to understand and has a top-notch user interface.

One of the best uses of Ripple is that it can be used for testing the old and the newly developed applications together. You can also set it as a Google extension for daily uses and easy access. The software is in a beta stage, but it works well. There may be some bugs, but the developers are working on it.

10. IMAME Emulator For Mac and Windows:-

Again one of the emulators that are designed primarily for fulfilling your game needs. Many games are exclusive for the iPhone, and thus, they can’t be downloaded on any other software. Therefore, for you playing the exclusive games, Imame is the best emulator. This very resource friendly and will run without any technical glitches. It is specially designed for the gamers and therefore, most of the features of this emulator are catered to their needs. It is easy to understand and can be used by a beginner as well as average gamers. With the top class user interface, you will be nothing but impressed by the Imame iOS emulator.

Best iOS Emulators For Android OS Devices:

Since most of us use Android smartphones, I decided to tell you about the best emulators to run on Andriod devices. The emulators that I am sharing with you is filtered through many websites so that you get the best out of the best. If any of these emulators don’t work on your Android device, just try another one.


This emulator is the most similar to the iOS operating system. you can install as many iPhone apps as you want without any technical glitches. The only limitation in this emulator is, that it works only on a few Android phones. This is an in-built criterion of the app and there is no way to break it. Some of the notable features of this emulator are-free from viruses, free to use, and free from data loss. cider emulator for android to run ios apps on android2. iEMU EMULATOR APK For Android:-

One of the most popular ones. This app works perfectly fine with almost all the Android devices. If you want to have the best experience of iOS, then this is the app to download. Some of the features that make this app special are-it is 100% safe, works fine with almost all the android devices, free to use and will not hamper or breach your data.

iemu apk for android to run ios apps on android

3. APPETIZE iOS Emulator For Android:

I know what you are thinking. yes, this is the same apk that you download on your PC or MAC. But the developers have designed a special app for the Android devices as well. It has come third in the list due to the fact that it is not as good as the above two, but when neither of the apps functions on your Android device, you can download this. all the other features are similar to the app designed for Windows and MAC.


As there are many apps that run only on Android or just iOS operating systems, it will be better if you have both of them in your device. Even though the emulators for iOS are not available but the ones that are available are top-notch. You also get the option of running a trial before you try or install a full-fledged emulator on your phone or computer.

In the article above, I have given all the good alternatives that you install in order to experience the iOS operating system on your device. You can suggest more iOS emulators for PC and for Android by commenting below.

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