10 Best Sarahah Alternatives 2020 {Anonymous Messaging App}

Bored with Sarahah? Want to know more Sarahah alternatives 2020, then your search landed on the correct place where you will find 10 best Sarahah alternatives. If you don’t know what Sarahah is then let me tell you first about this app. It is the most famous anonymous messaging app which was launched in 2016 and gained popularity just after a few months. This app was founded by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq with the main motive to provide anonymous feedback or provide good comment to their employers. It is now available in 13 different languages of the world. However, there are several other apps which are a good alternative to this app. Read more>

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10 Best Sarahah Alternatives 2020 {Anonymous Messaging App}

Sarahah alternatives are also interesting like Sarahah. Being Anonymous is a great fun where you can confidently comment and give your feedback without revealing your identity. However, with alternatives, you can accomplish a lot more other things like react on topics, connect with a particular community or same age group people and participate in campaigns etc.


Read 10 best alternatives and check out other Anonymous messaging applications. Also, these applications are easily available for Android and iOS, download them and visit their website. Look at what we have curated for you>




The Spout app is an anonymous messaging app which allows the user to send messages without their name shown.  This app also lets you share pictures with the people around you. Basically, this app works on location radius selected by you. You can connect with those many people who lie within the location radius. This app is a great way to connect with people around you and know what they’re thinking. A great time pass app that will never let you get bored. And, most importantly, it’s free and easy to use with no handles, no profiles, hence, to make you completely anonymous.

Visit Spout

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Lipsi is another location-based anonymous messaging app which is completely free to use like Sarahah. Also, there is a lipsi link which you can post on your Instagram bio to receive anonymous messages from your followers. If you own a company or an employer, you can get anonymous feedback about your services and products from your customers. Thus, don’t tag the anonymous messaging app only as a time pass or way to tease people or create fun. These apps can be used to boost your business via receiving feedbacks from anonymous customers or to get away from loneliness or tension. Interested in boosting your business more see these tricks> Social Media Marketing – Explore the Ways to Grow your Business

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Stupid Chat

If you’re looking for Sarahah alternative which has many similar features, then Stupid Chat is the best alternative. Connect with people near you in the real-time, chat anonymously, and share your thoughts or maybe your secrets. The best part is – You can choose a name for you so that being anonymous it feels like real messaging with your name. Moreover, written anonymous on every message looks very simple and raw. It is better to be known via a fake name then being completely anonymous. So, chat with unknown people and share yourself, this chat is like a WhatsApp status which deletes automatically after 24 hours.

Visit Stupid Chat


Swiflie is another good Sarahah alternative that you can look out for. It is different from Sarahah in the way that posts completely depend upon community likability. The posts which are liked more by its community live longer and other die soon. However, all the posts are temporary posts and they automatically get archived after a few days. Moreover, this platform gives a choice to the users to be anonymous or be yourself, the choice will be yours. In addition, you can also choose what to read from new, hot, top or expiring chronical feeds.

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Whisper is not just an alternative to Sarahah but it is the best app to share your opinions. You can share your opinions on several different categories like – love & relationships, inspiration, health & wellness, pop culture, expert & workplace, student life, and pop culture etc. Thus, this platform is a complete package to share your opinions on the topics you like. Also, you can get pieces of advice on different spheres of life – trade, relationship, health, and student life etc.

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Candid is another nice application for iOS and Android powered by Voiceme Pvt. Ltd. This app makes you feel light by helping you come out from your negative emotions like heartbreak, failures, jobless and other situations like this. Moreover, this app helps you to control your anger, and you can ask all type of questions you want to ask on this platform being anonymous. This community is big which help you answer the problems you’re facing. So, it’s better to connect and share than to suffer in loneliness.

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Sayat is very much similar to Lipsi which is discussed above, in terms of getting feedbacks. We already told you how important it is for you to receive feedbacks especially to boost your business. However, many times you may require to get feedback on your personal self or personal questions. This application helps you to create a feedback wall or URL and easily ask a question on it. You can then share this URL on several social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and get honest feedback. We can say it as an honest feedback because the feedback you receive will be anonymous, so being anonymous there are greater chances of honest feedback.

Visit Sayat

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Covertly is an application which doesn’t ask from you about your personal information. Thus, covertly offers you 100% anonymous platform to share your thoughts confidently with others. Moreover, there is upvote and downvote system, the community holds the power to raise a post or vote it to down a post. Thus, the community is given the power to decide what’s hot and happening according to the likability of the community. In addition, you can also enter into a discussion with other people around you. Check its website>

Visit Covertly

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After School

After School is a great application which connects teens with each other to discuss their schools and other things. This is not a much famous application like others as we described in this post. This is due to its complete target on specific audience size. However, it is a great app for teens where they can discuss opportunities, and receive proper guidance from the student resource center of this app. You can also actively participate in social change campaigns shown in its community.

Visit After School

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Like the above apps, Vent is another good application which can help you come out of your loneliness and share yourself with others. Sharing yourself being anonymous is pretty well easy rather than with your name. Many times, you really need the help of others to listen and solve your problems but you don’t want to disclose your identity. The reason behind not disclosing identity being you don’t want your friends and family to know your secrets. This is the best place to share your secrets, emotions, and failures. The Vent community will support you come out of your problems and help you find a solution. Check out more on its website>

Visit Vent

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We hope that you found this post “Best Sarahah Alternatives 2020” quite interesting and visited their sites to know more about them and download them for your Ios and Android compatible devices. If you want to ask any question related to this post or know any better alternative app, then comment below. Also, don’t forget to like and share this post with your family and friends. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to get daily updates.

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