Time Travel – Is Time Travel Fiction or Reality?

Time Travel fascinates us a lot but Is time travel actually possible? Today, we will unveil the facts about this topic according to what science has to say about this. We all know that this is far different and almost impossible-looking travel. However, if somehow, we could travel back in time or move forward in time then, we can change the whole world. For instance, if we could visit the historical periods then we could better understand the events happened in past. Read more>

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Time Travel – Is Time Travel Fiction or Reality?

Time travel is the unusual transportation of people either backward or forward in time. This concept is not new, many mythological stories talk about this concept. Mahabharata, Hindu mythological story also talks about this concept. Kakudmi {believed to be the father-in-law of Balarama (Shri Krishna brother)} and his daughter traveled to Brahma Loka and waited for a very short duration to see the Brahma (Hindu God). But, after they returned back to Earth, they found out that many yugas (Four yugas = 1 Mahayuga = 4.32 million human years) had passed away on Earth. This was due to time travels differently in Brahma Loka as compared with Earth, as explained by Brahma to Kakudmi. This is according to the mythological story, Mahabharata, which was written approximately in 4th century CE. Now, You can imagine how old the time travel concept is.


Time travel Unsolved Mystery

Mount Kailash (located in Tibet) is much talked about mountain where time travels faster than other places on the Earth. There are many mysteries about Mount Kailash and this time difference is one of them. Many people either climbers or tourists or pilgrims had noticed that their hairs and nails had grown large, due to speed up in the aging process on Mount Kailash. Visit this place but don’t forget travel tips. Read our post > Best Travel Tips 2019 – Make Your Travel Smarter With Travel Hacks. Also, read travel apps that will help you in your travel > Best Travel Apps 2018 for IOS and Android – Explore a Fun Way to Travel Around the World.

But, apart from discussing these mysteries and fascinating facts, we are more interested in Science. According to Science theories, there are special conditions which actually allows time travel both in forward and backward in time. Read more>


Time Travel Reality


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According to physicists, time travel is not completely impossible. But, the conditions which allow you to travel back or forward in time are harsh which makes this kind of travel impossible to many extents. So, if you are thinking of a time machine which is shown in several movies, we must say, it is impossible at least looking at the current scenarios. This is because the time machine requires the large mass (like Jupiter mass) to be squeezed into a very small mass. Imagine Jupiter fits into the size of a playing ball so the mass concentrates into a small playing ball.


Time travel & The Theory of Relativity

However, Einstein’s theory of relativity (1905) can help you move forward in time because of the time dilation. Time dilation can be due to relative acceleration or relative gravity. For example, if we consider two twins (Twin1 and Twin2), Twin1 on Earth and Twin2 leave the Earth to travel into space. Then, Twin2  again came back to Earth, say after a year from the space.

Now, both the twins are not of the same age, the twin who traveled to space and came back to Earth is younger than the twin left on the Earth. Thus, Twin2 becomes younger than Twin1 now. This is how astronauts come back to Earth becoming younger than what they would be if left on Earth. But, the difference is only a few milliseconds. For being able to see the future, you have to travel faster than the speed of light — this is the main difficulty.




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Wormholes have the ability to connect two points separated by a light years by just a few meters or quickly travel from one part of the universe to another. Wormholes are tunnel-like structures formed due to the closed curves of space and time (Spacetime). With the help of wormholes, one can also go into his past. But, for this, the wormholes need to be crossed from both the sides, traversable wormholes. But, for making these types of wormholes, you need negative energy. You must be knowing that energy is always positive. If energy becomes negative then, there is a violation of the rules of classical physics. Moreover, negative energy means, the mass will be negative (exotic matter). Exotic matter is possible with quantum but in very rare instances.


Time travel Fiction

In fiction especially in time travel movies, a time traveler goes back in time and changes everything. For example, a time traveler goes back in time and kills somebody or saves somebody. Suppose, a person goes into the past and kills his grandfather, then how will his son will be born or how will he be born (Grandfather paradox). This becomes very complicated and raises several questions in the mind of scientists working on this.


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