Best Travel Tips 2020 – Make Your Travel Smarter With Travel Hacks

Going to travel Somewhere? We have curated best travel tips to make your travel smart with several travel hacks. Follow the travel tips which you can use while you are planning for international trips, domestic air travel, train journey, etc. These travel hacks will make your travel a fun way and safe. Read>

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Top Travel Tips 2019 – Make Your Travel Smarter With Travel Hacks

I have curated several travel tips 2019 – Air travel tips, backpack travel tips, last minute travel tips, train travel tips, and travel safety tips. This post will let you understand each knowhow of safe travel with minimum difficulties. Also, you will learn how you can travel smartly and backpack easily. Read>


Air Travel tips / International Travel Tips 2019

Travel Tips


Are you planning for international trips or domestic trips via airplane? Read the tips which I curated mainly from my personal experience of flights. These air travel tips / International travel tips are a must-read for the first-timers. Read the following tips to avoid unnecessary hassles and travel smartly #KeepPaceWithTechnology.


Prefer Non-Stop Flights

Non-Stop flights can cost you a little extra, but they make travel easy. Moreover, if you’re traveling via flight for the first time then, flights which stop at one or two stations can cause you trouble. It is recommended to opt for non-stop flights so as to reach your destination in minimum duration. If you have the option to minimize your travel duration with non-stop flights, then why not?

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Check Necessary Travel Documents


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Check all the necessary documents like – Passport, Visa, and Business documents before you leave to catch your flight. Before, once you left your home, it is very difficult to come back again if you by chance forget anything at your home. So, be assured that you’re carrying everything necessary before you leave for the journey. Also, don’t pack your bags with your necessities at the last minute or hurriedly. Pack everything at least one or two days beforehand before going to any trip.


Opt for Seats in the Middle

It is from my personal experience of flights, middle seats are the best that creates less turbulence. If you don’t want to get tired from your airplane journey, then always opt for the seats in the middle of the airplane. Also, if you have motion sickness, then also these seats are the best. However, if you have already booked, then you can also ask air hostess to change your seats within the flight.


Use Travel Apps

There are several travel apps that ease your travel from booking, organizing to planning your trips. There are several travel hacks offered by these apps like checklists, time to time notifications about your flight delays, cancellations etc. Moreover, these apps help you throughout your journey in searching places of your interest, hotels, cabs, and restaurants. Read more about best travel apps which you can download for ios and Android phone from my previously written post.


Carry a Jacket or Shawl

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When the flight reach heights, the inside environment of the airplane gets too cold (extremely cold). I don’t know why? However, airplane authority provides you with a blanket (just a piece of white long cotton cloth from my personal experience) to cover yourself. But, it’s too thin, it’s better you carry either a jacket or shawl for yourself to avoid shivering. Once, when I was traveling for the first time, I forgot to carry and fell ill. Also, It is a must if you’re traveling with your kids to carry their woolen along with you in your handbag.


Backpack Travel Tips / Travel Packing Tips 2019


Travel Tips


How to pack your bags smartly? The following tips will help you to backpack in a very organized and planned way. Also, bag packing is the most important part of traveling and there are luggage limits also at airports. So, read how to can minimize your luggage with the best planning methods.


Prepare a Checklist

Travel Tips


In order to better organize your trips and avoid any unwanted troubles during the journey, prepare a checklist before you pack your bags. Once, you’re ready with your list, you know what to purchase and what you’ve already. This is a very useful travel tip especially when you’re going abroad or planning for International trips. Further, you can place right or wrong in front of what you mentioned in the checklist in order to be assured that you’re carrying all the things especially the necessary ones.


Double Check Important Traveling Documents

Traveling Documents like – Passport, Visa, tickets, boarding pass and other things are very important for your travel. You must ensure that you’re carrying all in your handbags. These are the documents you will require while checking in at the airport etc. Also, keep them safe throughout the journey and keep close to you. Check every time after you show them for checking and don’t forget or misplace anywhere especially while drinking water.


Pack Minimum

Packing only the required things as less you can, create more space in your bag for shopping. It is quite obvious that in the journey you will buy a few things for you or your friends or family. So, creating space for those things before actually going for the trip is very necessary. Also, it is quite unnecessary if you pack your bags with several shoes, clothes, and several accessories.


Choose a Spacious Handbag

The type of handbag you carry is very important to not to lose the important travel documents. Many people don’t take care of the type of handbag they’re carrying. But, it is really very important especially while traveling via airplane. Choosing small handbags with several things in it can cause you big troubles. Don’t ever try to mess things up with your essential travel documents. Always, carry a spacious handbag with essential things that will help in your journey.


Last Minute Travel Tips

Are you a last minute traveler? Many times, in hurry you miss out important things at home. Now, you will never get in trouble because of the last minute travel plans. These last minute travel tips will help you to plan your tips as if you’re a usual traveler or travel organizer.


Contact Hotels

If you’re planning your trip at the last minute, then contact hotels directly to confirm your rooms. Especially, when you do bookings hurriedly, it can be the possibility that your hotel rooms remain unconfirmed and canceled. In order to avoid these situations, confirm with your hotel beforehand. This will also help hotels to keep your room ready before you actually visit their hotel.


Sewing Kit

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Always be ready with an emergency sewing kit, purchase if you don’t have or make a kit for yourself. These kits are very helpful whenever you go out for any trip. It is very helpful whenever you plan for last minute trips. It also avoids many embarrassing situations like – button broke down, tag left on a new shirt, etc. To make an emergency kit for yourself – just place few safety pins, buttons, scissor, few different colored threads, etc.


Traveling Pouch

Making a traveling pouch is a good thing that will help you to easily pack your bags everytime you plan your trip. Also, if you’re are a usual traveler, making a traveling pouch for yourself is a very good traveling tip. Keep toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, paper soap, sanitizer, napkins, shampoo, detergent etc. all in one traveling pouch. Moreover, when you keep everything essential in a single pouch then it becomes easy for you to search your essential things.


Train Travel Tips


Travel Tips


Learn how you can travel smartly in trains avoiding all the unwanted situations and trouble. Also, know about all the troubles you can face while traveling via the train and their prevention methods. Read these train travel tips to have a safe and smart journey.


Don’t Talk Much With Strangers

In the train, it is highly recommended not to talk with strangers or talk less with strangers. My point is, giving your loopholes and sharing your life with strangers might harm you. Especially, in train people sometimes start discussing their personal life and there are several people who are actually listening to you. Also, take care of your wallet and luggage as there can be a great possibility of theft in trains.


Paper Soap / Hand Sanitizer

Paper Soap is really required while you are traveling in trains. Sometimes, the seats are dirty and usually, dust comes inside the train. Personal Hygiene is really important while you’re traveling. Also, try to keep hand sanitizer to clean your hands and to get rid of germs. Also, one cannot every time trust on trains for the availability of soaps and water.

Keep Change

Trains stop at several stations for a few minutes and it is a usual scene that vendors come inside to sell something or other. So, many times you like to buy from them and also the journey is long via trains, you might become hungry. In order to buy quickly from them, keep change with you. It is usually not possible with them to change your big notes to coins. So, it is a good practice to keep coins with you to quickly purchase from them.



Headphones are really very necessary while you are on the trains because the journey is big. Also, there are several headphones while help external noise rejections and to enjoy your journey peacefully. In trains, you might encounter children crying, people talking in loud voices, etc. So, in order to avoid such situations, headphones are the must.


Travel Safety Tips

There are many do’s and don’t while traveling, know what is safe for you while you’re planning your trip. Follow these travel safety tips in order to be safe throughout the journey. These travel safety tips will help you in any type of journey.


Travel Insurance

Travel Tips

It is highly recommended to have travel insurance also while you book your travel. Travel insurance helps you in cases like – unexpected medical needs, baggage loss, trip cancellation, missed flights, etc. Also, it is a low-cost insurance available along with your trip booking. Try to travel peacefully by taking travel insurance. Especially, it is a must if you’re a senior citizen or you’re traveling with your family.

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Check Seats

Especially, while you are traveling via trains, it is highly recommended to check the seats for any suspicious item or leftovers. If you find anything suspicious, then immediately inform the security or call helpline numbers or police. It takes less than a minute to check the seats and sit afterward. So, check the seats first and follow the safety guidelines properly.


First Aid Kits


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First Aid Kits are important travel tips to carry along with you while you’re on any journey. In trips, many people get ill, bruise themselves, starts vomiting, suffer from pain or need a band-aid. So, be ready with your small first-aid box will essential medicines to use in case of fever, pain, cough & cold, vomiting, etc. Also, keep dressing materials like – band-aids, and ointment in case you bruise yourself.


I hope that you liked this post on travel tips. If you know some more travel tips share with us in the comment section below. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter,…. to get daily updates on the latest technology and tips.


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