Best Christmas Apps 2020 for Android & iOS

Christmas is approaching fast and it’s the time to prepare for the Santa. We have listed several best Christmas Apps 2019 available for Android and iOS. These apps will help you make your Christmas more wonderful and exciting. Read about what these apps can do for you>


Best Christmas Apps 2019 for Android & iOS

Merry Christmas! Before you listen to these words. Let’s prepare for the big day with the best Christmas Apps 2019 for Android & iOS. Let’s begin the countdown with the apps, have fun with wallpapers, decorate pics with Christmas stickers, trees, and snowmen, share with your friends,… The list does not end here.

Write a letter to Santa, track your Santa, Call Santa, or receive a message from Santa and get gifts and surprises. You can do almost everything with these apps to make your Christmas a special one. We have curated a list of best Christmas Apps 2019 available for Android and iOS. Read>


best christmas apps

Christmas Countdown

Everyone waits for Christmas and the best way to do this is via this app. This is one of the best Christmas apps which helps you count down the days until Christmas — The big day.  This app creates a snowy countdown ❄ on the screen. This is fun to watch falling snow countdown on your phone’s screen.

Moreover, you’ll daily open a new gift 🎁 with this app in the month of December. In addition, this app doesn’t contain any ads. Furthermore, you can choose from beautiful Christmas themes, Enjoy classic Christmas music, and much more. 😀

Available for Android – Christmas Countdown by Jupli

Available for iOS –  Christmas Countdown by VisialSoft


Christmas Sweeper 3

If you like Candy Crush type games, then this is the best game for you. Enjoy Christmas by playing this Christmas game filled with daily new challenges. Moreover, this match3 puzzle game is an addiction where you have to clear several levels — more than 1500 levels. In addition, Gifts, snowmen, firecrackers,…., this game contains everything to amuse you.

Furthermore, this game is very friendly as there are no lives to lose within the game. You just have to match and get gifts. Invite your friends and rise level up in this game. This game will definitely keep you engaged and gives you a lot of pleasure in winters.

Available for Android – Christmas Sweeper 3 by Smiley Gamer

Available for iOS – Christmas Sweeper 3 by Smiley Gamer



ElfYourself is amongst the best Christmas Apps 2019. With this app, you can create a custom video with your friends and family. First, you require to upload up to five photos of friends and family from your gallery or Facebook. After that, you can select any dance to generate a personalized video.

Furthermore, you can easily share this Elf Yourself video on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and others. Thus, you can easily feature your and your friend’s face on dancing elves. Thus, celebrate this Christmas with ElfYourself.

Available for Android – ElfYourself by Office Depot

Available for iOS – ElfYourself by Office Depot


Christmas Photo Booth

Christmas Photo Booth is the amongst the best Christmas Apps 2019 to pacify your photo mania. With this app, you can easily decorate your photos in Christmas style. You get beautiful Christmas stickers, decorated Christmas tree, Santa Caps to decorate your pics.

Here, you can easily modify your pics or selfies in the way you want. This is the best Christmas Photo studio and we are sure you’ll definitely love this one. What more! Easily share your pics among your friends and social media with the help of this Christmas app.

Available for Android – Christmas Photo Booth by Apperitive Studio Apps

Available for iOS – Christmas Photo Booth 2017 by UAB target works


Christmas Live Wallpaper

“Christmas Live Wallpaper” is amongst the best Christmas apps 2019 containing stunning 3D live wallpaper of Christmas. This app also features a Christmas tree, and Christmas countdown where you can count down the days up to Christmas, or New Year’s day like the countdown app. You can change your phone’s background with the free live wallpaper provided by this app.

Available for Android – Christmas Live Wallpaper by Jetblack Software

Available for iOS – Christmas Live Wallpaper by Amit Chowdhury


Message from Santa!

It is a dream come true to receive a video message from Santa. Message from Santa is amongst the best Christmas apps to amaze your children. To receive a video message from Santa, give your child’s details and then, choose from 3 personalized video messages. In addition, you can also receive a phone call from Santa with the help of this app.

Furthermore, children can record their voice message for Santa. In addition, as part of the fun, you can track Santa and get notified with what he’s doing right now. This app is fast and free and available on both Android and iOS.

Available for Android – Message from Santa! by First Class Media B.V.

Available for iOS – Message from Santa! by First Class Media B.V.


Letter to Santa Claus

The best way to celebrate your Christmas is to write a letter to Santa. Tell him about your wish and the type of gift you want this Christmas. You can write whatever you want to in the letter and send directly to Santa. Then, see what gifts you receive this Christmas – matches with what you wrote in the letter or not. Here, you can speak your heart out and talk about your behavior with others the year round. Download this app and write to your Santa.

Available for Android – Letter to Santa Claus by Insert Developer

Available for iOS – Letter to Santa Claus – Write to Santa North Pole by Dualverse


We hope that your Christmas will be a wonderful one with these “Best Christmas Apps 2019”. Wish you all Merry Christmas and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family to make their day wonderful too. Subscribe to the blog and receive regular updates about new posts.

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