Best Sites to Send Free SMS, Bulk SMS & Voice Messages Worldwide

SMS is a great way to stay connected with your friends and loved ones. But, you have to pay to telecom companies to send SMS or use other services. Do you know that there are sites which offer services like your telecom companies which help you to send free SMS, MMS, bulk SMS, and voice messages? Read>

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Best Sites to Send Free SMS, Bulk SMS & Voice Messages Worldwide

You may be quite comfortable with WhatsApp and their services. But, there are several instances when you really want to make an SMS or bulk SMS or want to send SMS with your PC or laptop. At those times, it is best to send SMS via using sites. Thankfully, there are many sites which help to send free SMS worldwide or internationally.

Moreover, there are many sites where you don’t need to register yourself to use their services. There are many good web portals which are easy to use. They are not only easy but they are much faster than your telecom services. So, why to waste money on SMS packs with telecom companies when you can send free SMS to your loved ones. We have compiled a list of best free sites which help you to send SMS to your friends and loved ones. Read>


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PumpSMS is a free service available in 200 countries worldwide. The best part of this site is – There is no need to register with this site. You can easily send SMS, MMS or voice message from this site. The limit of the text message you can send to your friends is 100 characters. To send messages from this site, you need to select country code, destination number, and message you want to send. So, check out this web portal now!



TxtDrop is the free service available to the users from US and Canada. With this service, one can send free SMS with an instant delivery. This is a web-based service and as simple as possible. To send SMS, you need to just enter your email address, recipient’s mobile number, and text message. So, if you live in the US and Canada, try out this web portal now!



FunnyTexts is another free service available to the online world. This is different from other sites and indeed the best site to send funny text messages. Here, you can choose from a list of jokes available on this site and send them to your friends. Thus, sending funny SMS is very easy here and also, you have the option to create your own message. So, you’re not bound here to send text messages from this site’s database. Thus, Check out this site!



MfreeSMS is another good site where you don’t need to register with. Here, you can send free SMS to any country you like. This site is easy to use and it offers fast service. You can send SMS, voice message, and receive message online. You can type and send 130 characters text message to your friends. To send messages to friends, you just need to provide country name, phone number, and message. Thus, try this free service now!



AFreeSMS is another best site to send free SMS 2019. Here, no registration is required to send text messages online. This web portal offers you to send messages worldwide. In addition, it is very easy to send SMS or bulk SMS through this site. You just need to provide your friend’s number whom you want to send the message and a few other details to send the message. Check out this site now!


Other Sites to Send Free SMS

There are many other good sites you can try out to send bulk SMS, free SMS, voice SMS, and MMS etc. So, check out the following sites also which offers good services to their users.


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