10 Best WordPress Plugins 2022 For Professional Blogs

WordPress Plugins help in boosting your sites performance, security and speed. The also add features for administering the site and for your visitors. We have put together this list of must-have plugins for professional blogs which will help increase your site ranking. We have curated the list of top ten plugins 2022 for professional blogs. Read and install the plugins on your site from the links provided.

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10 Best WordPress Plugins 2022 For Professional Blogs

WordPress Plugins need to be secure, safe, useful and beneficial to your site. Many plugins can create vulnerabilities and loading problems for your site. It is usually wiser to install the minimum plugins to keep up with the best possible speed of the site.

To this end, there are many light-weight plugins which help in increasing site performance and they are a must for any site, as load speed is one of the crucial elements for your visitors and for search engines.

If you have a low-ranking site, then you can definitely increase your site ranking with the help of key plugins. There are several plugins which help with SEO and improve readability. With the help of these plugins, you can easily improve your site without having to learn to code. We compiled a list of top ten WordPress plugins ranging from high-priority to low-priority. Read>




Wordpress Plugins


Jetpack is among our best WordPress plugins 2022 list and we added it to the top for a big reason. From our point of view, tracking your site traffic is hugely important for tracking changes you make in articles, content, layout, speed of loading and of course in the benefits of other plugins. This plugin not only helps in showing site’s stats and day-to-day traffic but does a lot more too. It helps in increasing site’s performance, protects the site against brute-force attacks.  It also provides you with quality high speed WordPress themes and invaluable insights into your WordPress blog’s performance.

So, for a beginner, this plugin is crucial in evolving your blog to the next level. It is available as both free and paid options.


Yoast SEO

People often underestimate the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Not only should your site be user friendly and attractive to your visitors, it is also crucial that it complies with the rules set out by the Search Engines. It should load quickly, it should be coded without errors, it should demonstrate good readability and logical linking.

The gatekeepers to who comes to your site for free, are essentially the Search Engines, so it’s a good move to do everything you can do maintain your site so that you have the best chance of reaching the top of the search engines.

Read to know more about SEO> What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Simple Strategies for Beginners. SEO is very important to make search engines send traffic to your site. Also, it helps to approve your site with ADSENSE when you want to start earning revenue from your site as it grows. Read, how we approved this site with the help of a few simple strategies> How To Get Adsense Approval 2022 – My Site Approved in 16 Days.


Wordpress Plugins


Yoast SEO is among the best WordPress Plugins for helping you achieve SEO. It is the WordPress plugin which helps generate XML sitemaps, add SEO Title and meta description to your content, controls site breadcrumbs, suggest improvements to your articles and much more. All-in-all, it provides a full SEO suite of features and analyzes your content accordingly.

It indicates what needs to be done, step by step and tells you want you need to fix such as errors or problem regarding SEO and readability. It also helps to manually add focus keywords and their synonyms are added automatically. This is a very useful WordPress Plugin.




Wordpress Plugins


Akismet is trusted by millions of websites and it is a must-have on the WordPress plugins list. Spam comments is really a big problem for websites. There are millions of automated bots filling out forms and comments all across the internet with the intention of stealing your link-juice to point backlinks to other websites.

Not only does this fill your site with low quality content that impacts search engine placements, it also reduces your overall link quality and detracts from your user experience.

The Akismet plugin helps to protect your site against spam comments. By installing this plugin and signing up with Akismet you’ll receive an API key which will help you activate the plugin on your site. After its successfully activated, it will filter out the bots and stop them being able to spam post on your blog. Akismet automatically filters spams and increase your site credibility, making it a very useful WordPress plugin for any site.


Ultimate Social Media Icons

Ultimate Social Media Icons helps you add and share icons on your site. The share icons include – RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and other custom icons. Having a great site is just the start, you need to create buzz to help it really grow.

You could do a lot of this manually, but its a huge amount of work and would be costly. The best way to achieve this for free is to let your users share, talk about, recommend and grow your site for you. Best of all the power of your userbase means you can multiple your expsoure and marketing exponentially by including this very useful WordPress plugin on your site.

Read to learn more about how you can increase business with the help of social media> Social Media Marketing 2022 – Explore the Ways to Grow your Business.


Wordpress Plugins


With the help of this plugin, you can decide with ease where to place social media icons on your blog. Moreover, you can choose the icons from 16 different designs to match your sites theme and make your blog look beautiful. Further, you can optionally add counts to the icons as shown in the image above, we’d recommend not doing this immediately. People like to be part of a success story, so this will help to get more and more followers.

In addition, you can display a pop-up to follow your site or subscribe to your blog. You can also make the icons ‘float’ or ‘sticky’ which will increase the followers to your site.


WP Quads

If you use Adsense to increase revenue on your site, then WP Quads plugins help to increase the ad revenues. You can easily manage the ads by pages and posts. You can choose to hide the ads on some pages/posts or choose to show the ads. Moreover, it helps to place the ads in the best locations for each post.


Wordpress Plugins


Another huge benefit of this plugin is it adds AMP ads automatically with its PRO plans. As more and more users move to mobile browsing, it’s a great way to super charge your revenue on a successful site. Yet another benefit is it also gives multi-language support to its users.


Shortcodes Ultimate

Another really quality WordPress Plugin is Shortcodes Ultimate. It is a complete package which offers various visual elements, layouts and improve the look of your pages on your site. It is very easy with this plugin to create tabs, carousels, buttons, sliders, boxes and good videos plus much more.


Wordpress Plugins


This is a feature rich plugin that lets you quickly improve the look, layout and feel of your blog with little effort, using there functional elements. You can easily insert shortcodes on your site with the help of live preview. Moreover, it can work successfully with any theme. In addition, this plugin offers translation into nine different languages.


Related Posts for WordPress

Getting visitors to one of your posts is excellent, but holding their attention and offering them more quality content so they move to the next article on your site is key to really supercharging your results. Not only does this benefit you directly, but Search Engines see this type of interaction as proof that your site is providing quality content and will reward you accordingly.

Related posts for WordPress helps to display quality related posts which the reader can click through to continue interacting with your site. This helps the reader to devote more and more time to your site, and is a very simple addition that can hugely benefit your site immediately. Make the most of the posts you already have by implementing the Related Posts WordPress Plugin on your site.


Wordpress Plugins

Moreover, with the help of this plugin, you can also link related pages and products increasing your conversion chances, especially if you sell products or services. This plugin is easily translated in various different languages and thus offers multi-language support.

Broken Link Checker


Wordpress plugins


Checking for broken links in your site is a crucial SEO technique. Broken links have a negative impact on your site in Search Engines. So, it is very necessary to detect broken links in your site and fix them as soon as possible. It’s also a simple and quick solution you can do which improves the content you already have.

This plugin regularly monitors for broken links and notifies you through emails and Dashboard notifications. Moreover, this plugin also helps to detect missing images and redirects and can also help your site’s overall image by preventing search engines from follow broken links.




Wordpress Plugins

The schema plugin helps to create, maintain, and promote valid schemas. This plugin is trusted by more than 10 million sites in this at the time of posting.

This plugin helps in the enhanced presentation of the site in the search results. Moreover, it is a fast and light-weight plugin which will not slow your sites load time. The schema is among the best WordPress plugins for SEO as it helps users with more informative search results by way of Schema markup.


WP Smush


Wordpress Plugins


WP Smush helps in reducing image file size for professional blogs without compromising with the quality. This is especially important as a blog grows.  The plugin helps reduce the size of your site and dramatically increases the loading speed of your pages.

This is a very important WordPress Plugin and is available as both a free and paid version. It will automatically reduce image sizes as they get posted to your site, and it will optimise image types to ensure a fast user experience for your visitors. This not only improves your site for your userbase, it increases the likelihood of being ranked well in the search engines. One of the key penalties they apply is slow load times.


We hope you found our post on Best WordPress Plugins 2022 for professional blogs useful for your own website. We are confident that these plugins will greatly help your site to increase search engine penetration, visitor numbers and site revenue. Please take a moment to like, share and comment below, it really helps our site.

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