What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Simple Strategies for Beginners

Are you a startup or started business online recently? Then it is highly recommended that you must learn how to increase traffic to your site by SEO optimization techniques. We have curated this post to explain to you all the things that matter in any online business. Read>

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What is SEO?

SEO is Search engine Optimization techniques carried out to increase the visibility of the user in the huge online competitors. We know that in this digital era, there are so many people who are focussing on online businesses. There is a rat-race to rank high and get to the audiences easily.


Different sectors focus on different audiences and there is an optimization technique to increase the profitability of the business. However, all want their page to rank high and be on the first page when their audiences search on Google. This can only be possible if you are using correct SEO techniques.




Why is SEO Important for any Online Business?

SEO Optimization is highly important in this era when there are so many websites and so many competitors. If you don’t do this for instance, then there may be a chance that you have to sell out your business if your business is totally focussed on online audiences.




This is the fact, many companies are ready to spend huge on the Search engine optimization providers and websites. However, when your competitors are doing, then you also have to spend on search engine optimization to be in the race. Otherwise, you’ll be knocked out and you maybe have to bear losses instead of profit.

SEO Techniques, Strategies & Advice for Beginners

There are several online software available free for providing search engine optimization. To name some, these include – Google Adwords, Serpstat, Semrush,… etc. However, you may find many, we will continue that topic in our next post. Here, we are more interested to advise you general tips, techniques, and strategies that you can follow to make your business work soon. Read>

Keyword Optimization

Using a correct keyword is very essential if you’re a blogging site like ours ‘Classytec.com’. A good keyword will always help you in ranking higher than your competitors. The keyword is the main thing that helps in the search by the search engines like – Google. You can focus on those keywords which have high traffic, low competition and high CPC (cost per click). The various software will help you to show the results of the keywords which are doing great online. However, if you don’t want to use any type of online software, then you can use the search engine itself. For example – If you type on Google for searching anything for instance “search engine optimization” then, there will we many keywords suggested by the Google at the end of the first page.


As you can see yourself in the picture, there are so many blue and dark blue marked keywords suggested by the Google itself. You can use them in your posts to get more traffic in order to get good results from the post “search engine optimization”

Tips for adding Image

There are many who add images to their website and posts without looking at the title of the image and its Alt attributes. It is very necessary to give a proper title to the image and also to add a proper Alt attributes. We suggest you add your focus keyword in the Alt attributes to grab more traffic. It is really very essential for ranking high in this competitive era. Also, try to add a proper description to the image. However, a description is not much necessary. But, it is a good practice for the best results.

Addition of Meta-Description

Addition of proper Meta-description is very necessary to grab the attention of the users when they have not even opened your site. They can read your meta-description and decide that your site is worth opening or not. For example – For search engine optimization, you get the following results as mentioned in the image. You can read a few descriptions in the black text. All these are meta-descriptions of those sites. So, a person decides in advance which is good and which is not with the meta-description itself.



SEO Title

The title is the thing that matters a lot for any site to get a high-ranking by the search engines like-Google. A good title with good keywords always attracts greater audiences. The title is the main heading, by looking at the title, people decide what they will be going to read. We recommend you to always add focus keyword in your title to get good traffic to your site.


Slug is also very important to get high rankings and high visibility by search engines. A slug is a present in the permalink of your site. For this post, the slug used is “What is Seo” and you can find this post by the link – classytec.com/What is Seo/…So, we hope that you understood what slug is. Try to avoid stop words in your slug. Stop words are -is, the, A, An,… Stop words are the words that are commonly used in any type of conversation. These are usually avoided by any search engines thus, this can cause your post to rank lower than your competitors. However, you can use stop words like we used in this post if the keyword is ranking high. Also, it is highly recommended using a Slug that contains the focus keyword used by you for your post.

Backlinks & Outbound Links

Try to add as many backlinks that you can add in your post. Links to your old posts with your new posts are very good SEO tools in order to get high visibility. Also, your site gets more credits by the search engines and if your site has a good amount of backlinks.

Also, try to add three to four outbound links from some trusted sources. The trusted sources include – news, news articles, statistics providing sites and the company or brand you’re currently talking about. It is like adding short evidence that you’re making people aware of the facts about what’s happening.


We hope that now you know main techniques that are done for SEO optimizations. Please, like, share and comment below to in order to let us write more for you. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter,… and other social media to get daily posts.


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