Online Grammar Check {FREE} – Top 10 Software For Proof-Reading Contents

Get rid of spelling mistakes, typing errors and easily proof-read the content by using online Grammar check Software that is available free to use. Moreover, add this software to your browser to write easily without any grammatical error on any social media platform like – Twitter, Facebook, etc. This is the tool which will help you to learn the English language and its grammar gradually. Moreover, these type of smart software also contains plagiarism checker tool to easily analyze your content for any copyright issues.

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Top 10 Online Grammar Check Software {FREE}

There exists online Grammar Check Software and apps that easily correct your thesis, reports, files, assignments, research papers,…etc. They check line to line and mark the word with a grammatical error if any and suggest you with the correct words for the marked words.

Thus, software for grammar check help in proof-reading any content that is uploaded over it. However, for easy use, you can also add this software as an extension to your Google Chrome or any browser you use or add it as Word extension for easy offline writing.

Online Grammar Check



Grammarly is at the top of my list of online Grammer Check Software. It is the software that is very easy to use comparative other software. It has a huge inbuilt dictionary that corrects you while making any spelling mistakes. To state, I also use Grammarly to proof-read the content before publishing on the site. If you are a writer or use WordPress, it is the software that you should use irrespective of your command over the English language. More specifically, use it as a Chrome Extension or any browser’s extension that you use. In addition, this software helps in finding out plagiarism if any present in the content. Plagiarism checking is a must for any research paper you publish. On my recommendation, try out this software to keep a check on manual typing errors, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and also get rid of any kind of plagiarism.

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Paper Rater

The Paper Rater is a very good software especially if you want to compare two or more contents and rate them accordingly. This software works on Artificial Intelligence and provides an appropriate rating and score to judge the content. It uses its own strategy that is really very helpful while judging a content on several parameters. Apart from providing a score to the content, it also helps in checking the content for any sought of grammatical mistake, typing errors, manual errors and spelling mistakes. Moreover, It also contains a plagiarism tool that helps you against any type of copied content that may down rate your content.

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Ginger Software

The ginger software is another excellent software in terms of providing good writing speeds while correcting you against errors. This software has an inbuilt next word predictor that helps to type in your great speed. Moreover, this software adapts easily according to your writing techniques and skills. Apart from correcting grammatical errors and proofread facilities, It provides you with a translation up to forty different languages. In addition to this, it is available as an app for Mac, Windows, Android phones, iPhone, and iPad.

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Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid helps you completely increase your content score so that it becomes more readable. Readability matters a lot while you are publishing your work online. Moreover, It depends on several factors like – passive voice usage, transition words, use of headings and subheadings and short or long sentences. Pro Writing Aid suggests correcting the errors made, grammatical errors, long sentences used,…etc. Thus, it improves readability also while correcting grammatical errors. Moreover, it is available for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad. For this software best usage, add it as an extension to your browser like – Google Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer,…, etc.

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Reverso is the best software to correct grammatical mistakes done in several languages. If you want a software that works well with several common world languages, then this is the software that you can look out for. This works with a powerful inbuilt translation tool that also helps you to learn different languages with its intuitive tool. Moreover, this is simple to use software that is free to use for personal purposes.

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White Smoke

White smoke is very intuitive software that helps in guiding and correcting your grammatical mistakes. It provides scores for what you have uploaded to it. Moreover, it has an inbuilt artificial intelligence that helps you write easily without making errors. In addition, it suggests your repetitive errors made by you. Thus, if you are just a learner not very proficient in the English language. Then, this is the best software for you, that fully teaches you to write error-free. Moreover, this can be integrated easily to your browsers and available for Mac, Windows, OS, and Android.

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Grammarix is a free online Grammar check software that does not ignore even a single punctuation error. It offers deep insight into the English language error or overuse of sentences by you. It also indicates if the sentence is not well-structured. Also, if you by chance made any spelling mistake as a word in the sentence, then it tries to correct that. In addition, it flags the sentences that are plagiarised if any. Grammarix works with a powerful algorithm,  techniques, and tools that don’t spare a single grammatical mistake.

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After the Deadline

After the Deadline is another best online grammar check software that lets your content being checked out for the style that you use. This is the only software that helps in complete formatting and proofreading. Also, it is available for WordPress users and their sites for providing error-free online writing. You can use it free, just copy your content and paste it on the site and check errors.

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Web Spell Checker

Web Spell Checker is another free online grammar check software. It provides its users with the thesaurus that contains all the synonyms to suggest while writing any content. Also, it checks against almost 140 grammatical errors made by you. It uses blue and red underline marks to correct the spelling and grammatical mistakes separately.

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Language Tool

Language tool is another good software for the online grammar check.  It helps to detect and correct errors in more than 30 different most popular languages in the world. In addition, the tool is easy to use and integrate with your browser. If you are looking for a simple and intuitive software that will help you to learn basic world languages, Then, this is the best software.

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I hope you liked this post and learned about the ways to correct grammatical errors online. I will be posting more on  such topics that will help you and your family to be in pace with technology. Like, share and comment on this post and connect with us on social media – Facebook, Twitter,.. etc.

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