50+ YouTube Challenges 2020: Ideas to Rock on your Channel

Are you running out of ideas for some interesting YouTube Challenges? Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of latest challenges 2019 which can rock on your channel. Make your YouTube channel a big hit by performing these challenges with people. Read>


50+ YouTube Challenges 2019: Ideas to Rock on your Channel

If you have a YouTube channel, then you must be searching for the latest challenges which you can perform to make your channel popular. Funny challenges with audiences mark a huge impact on the popularity of the channel. We have listed funny and hilarious challenges which you can easily perform with audiences.

Moreover, these challenges are the latest for 2019. These ideas if incorporated correctly will definitely help your channel to rock this year. If you do not own any YouTube channel, then also these ideas are the best to perform with your friends, kitty parties, family functions, etc. So, without further ado, Check out these 50+ YouTube Challenges 2019>

YouTube Challenges

Food YouTube Challenges

YouTube Challenges

Food YouTube Challenges are the challenges which require the participants to either drink or eat some edible substances. The twist is added to each challenge to make it more difficult. Read>

Taste & Tell Challenge

You have to taste a few drinks while blindfolded. Then, you have to guess what it is. You can perform this challenge with juices like – Aloe vera, Neem, fruit juices, etc or Soda or with Cold drinks (Whatsoever you like). The beauty of this challenge is that you can perform this challenge with anybody you like — from kids to old people.

Eat it or Answer the Question

Everyone is familiar with truth or dare. This challenge is also a type of Truth or Dare you can play with your friends or contestants. You have to keep some disgusting food items which are not good to eat and smell. Then, you have to ask questions that is the Truth with the audiences. If they like to answer in public, then they don’t have to eat the mess. But, if they don’t like to answer the question, then they have to eat up the mess.

Cinnamon Challenge 

Test the people around you — Their stamina to eat Cinnamon powder. You have to ask questions to participants. If they lie, they have to eat a pinch of cinnamon. Trust me, this challenge is popular on the internet. Though this hot cinnamon can give you nightmares.

Pizza Challenge

This is the challenge to spoil the Pizza and eat. For spoiling the Pizza, you have to pack up the ingredients not related with Pizza in a pouch. Then, ask your participants to decorate the pizza with these horrible ingredients. At last, they have to eat their messed up pizza. Ingredients you can pack are – biscuits, fruits (banana, apple, papaya, etc.), groundnuts, boiled vegetables, etc.

Cake Challenge

In this challenge, the contestants have to finish off the cake quickly (as quickly as possible). The challenge is – They can’t use their hands to eat the cake. They have to bend and eat the cake using their mouth like animals.

Pringles Challenge

Test your friend’s love for Pringles. This challenge is another blindfolded challenge. Blindfold your friends and make them taste the Pringle and guess its flavor. This challenge is good for kids too.

Spicy Food Challenge

How much stamina you have to eat spicy food at a go? This challenge is this only. You can order spicy food from the market or prepare at home. Then, the participants have to eat the spicy food at a go. The person who finishes first or who could eat more wins the challenge.

Baby Food Challenge

The Baby Food Challenge is a challenge where the participants have to eat baby food. You can easily order baby food online or buy from the nearest market. Here, you can also blindfold the participants and feed them the baby food you purchased. Then, they have to guess what it is.

Chubby Bunny Challenge

To perform the chubby bunny challenge, you require marshmallows. The participants will put into their mouth. After that, they have to say “chubby bunny”. This challenge needs carefulness so that you don’t choke while performing this challenge.

Rocking YouTube Challenges

YouTube Challenges

There are challenges which are a hit on YouTube. We have listed those challenges which are interesting and hilarious. Read>

Yoga challenge

As the name suggests, yoga challenge will require you to try out poses. As a part of the twist, you can make this more interesting by telling two persons maybe – GF/BF or husband/wife etc. to perform the yoga in pairs. This will make this challenge more fun. Try to add those poses which require pair work. Be careful while performing this challenge so that nobody get hurt.

Dunk hat challenge

Dunk hats contain two targets on the sides of the hat and on the top of the hat, a water container is placed above the head. The purpose of the water container is to drop the water on the head of the wearer of Drunk hat when one of the targets gets hit down. Here, you have to hit the target with a ball. This challenge can also be performed in a pair, where the participants stand to face each other and try to hit each other target.

Lipstick Challenge

This challenge is best to play with your BF or husband. In this lipstick challenge, your partner will try to guess the flavor of your lipstick by kissing your lips. This is the best couple game to strengthen bond between them.

Touch my body challenge

Alike the above challenge, touch my body challenge is another best YouTube challenge to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. In this, one participant is blindfolded and the other partner holds the first participant finger to guide towards his body. The first participant has to guess what part of the body, he/she touched. The participant who guesses maximum body parts wins this game.

Guess the song challenge

In this game, you require music player and buzzers. You have to play the starting music of the song. The participants have to guess the song. The participant who knows the answer presses the buzzer. If he gives the right answer, then he wins the game point.

Whats in the box challenge

In this challenge, you require a box. In this box, you can put small animals like – rats, rabbits, cockroaches etc. Then, the participant has to feel what’s in the box without looking inside the box. If he guesses right, then he wins this challenge.

Make Up Challenge

This is another challenge which you can perform with your boyfriend or husband. All you require is your makeup kit. Now, tell your partner to do your makeup. Usually, guys are inexperienced in makeup and this challenge will prove to be a great fun.

Mehndi on Face Challenge

All people like their face. But, will you accept the challenge to ruin your face with Mehndi? There are many persons who are daring and will like to give it a try. This is the most crazy challenge you can ever have.

Exploding watermelon challenge

This challenge is the most rocking challenge in which you can blow out a watermelon. You just need big rubber bands and a watermelon. It is recommended to perform this challenge outside your home. All you have to do is place rubber bands on the watermelon. You can place as many rubber bands on the watermelon until it explodes.

Opposite Hand Drawing Challenge

As the name suggests, in this challenge you have to draw something. But, you have to draw with opposite hand that is, left hand if you are a rightie and vice versa.

Legos Challenge

In this challenge, you require a large number of Lego bricks. Then, you require to Line them up forming a series. Now, the challenge is to walk over these bricks without falling. You can walk as much as you can to win this game.

Funny YouTube Challenges

YouTube Challenges

We have listed the most funny YouTube challenges which you can perform for your channel. Check them out>

Say Anything Challenge

In this challenge, you can say any random word. But, you cannot repeat your words as well as other participants words. This game is usually played by a large number of people (which makes it funnier). Here, you’re not allowed to take a pause or repeat the words.

Watch Without Grinning or Laughing Challenge

This challenge can be performed very easily. You just require to play a funny video. The participants watch the video one by one. The person who will not laugh while watching the video wins this challenge.

Internet Slang Challenge

The Internet Slang Challenge is gaining popularity. In this challenge, the participant has to tell the meaning of the slangs. You can also ask about abbreviation on the internet slang. The person who answers maximum questions correctly wins the challenge.

The Whisper Challenge

Whisper Challenge can be played with two or more persons. In this challenge, one participant wears headphones or earplugs having loud sound so that he cannot hear what the other person saying. Then, another participant will tell a word or sentence and he has to guess via lipreading.

7 Second Challenge

In the 7 Second Challenge, you are given 7 seconds to complete a certain task. Each participant gets in total 7 turns. The participant who completes the tasks in 7 seconds wins the challenge.

Blindfolded drawing challenge

As the name suggests, in the Blindfolded Drawing challenge you require to draw something. Being blindfolded it is very difficult to draw and will result hilarious outcomes.

Not My Hands challenge

You have to stand behind another person and become his hands. All you need to do is move arms around like they are yours. Some other person will ask questions, and the participant will answer and you have to move hands as if you are answering the question.

Stranger Challenge

In this challenge, you have to take a selfie with a stranger person. Before taking the selfie, you need to give the stranger a signboard saying – “I don’t know this person.” Then, click a selfie with the stranger holding this signboard.

Tickle Me Challenge

You have to ask each other general knowledge questions. Whenever the other person gets wrong, you have to tickle him. It is great fun and harder the questions will be, the chances of being tickled increases.

Horror YouTube Challenges

YouTube Challenges

There are many horror challenges you can perform as part of a YouTube challenge.

3 A.M. Challenge

All you need to do is – Wake up at 3 A.M. and perform tasks given to you. People believe that 3 A.M. is the hour where you can notice paranormal activities.

Horror Film Challenge

In this challenge, you require to watch horror film at night when you are all alone. This is the challenge where you can prove yourself how fearless you are.

Difficult YouTube Challenges

YouTube Challenges

Brain freeze challenge

In this challenge, fill a bathtub with ice. Then, the participant will go inside this bathtub. Now, you have to ask him questions while he’s freezing in cold. But, be careful while performing this challenge. Don’t let the person inside the bath tub more than a minute.

Ghost Pepper Challenge

This challenge is the most crazy challenge. In this challenge, the participant has to eat pepper without drinking water. It’s total madness to accept this challenge.

Salt and Ice Challenge

The Salt and Ice Challenge is a difficult challenge. In this challenge, you need to place salt on your arm and then put ice on this salt. Be careful while performing this challenge as it can burn your skin.

Human Dartboard Challenge

In this challenge, you require to draw a dartboard on yourself – maybe your face or hands. Then, ask your friend to throw things pointing to the dartboard. Be careful while doing this challenge. Don’t use the things that might hurt you. Use paper balls or light-weighted materials that are safe to play this challenge.

Extreme Saltine Challenge

The extreme saltine challenge is another difficult challenge. In this challenge, you have to eat saltine crackers in a minute. It sounds easy but without drinking water, it becomes difficult.

Banana and Sprite Challenge

It is a challenge which can result in vomiting. You need to eat two bananas quickly and after that drink a can of sprite. The person who could digest this without vomiting wins the challenge.

Other YouTube Challenges you can try

  • Blind Kissing Challenge
  • Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge
  • Wearing Clothes Challenge
  • Tongue Twisters
  • Big Meal Challenge
  • Hold a Coke in between your legs Challenge
  • Ketchup Eating Challenge
  • Flour Eating Challenge
  • Memorize Challenge
  • Guess the Flavor – Oreo Challenge
  • High Sugar Challenge
  • Guess the Song Challenge
  • Guess the Movie Challenge

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