10 Best AIRBNB Alternative 2020 – Book Your Vacation Rentals

Airbnb is the most trusted site to book your stay all around the world. Search for a good vacation rental with affordable prices is completely a hassle. Many times, you’re not satisfied with a single site option and want to search for more options. Don’t worry, Airbnb alternative which will help you in your search for the best rental homes, villas, hotels, etc. Read>


10 Best AIRBNB Alternative 2019 – Book Your Vacation Rentals

Travel fascinates everyone a lot but booking is not an easy task. Booking takes a lot of time and to ease booking, sites like Airbnb are doing a great job. Airbnb is a very good site to prefer on other Airbnb alternative 2019 but you should be ready for the other options to find your best holiday home. In addition, We know that you want to compare prices on other Airbnb competitors as well.

It is always better to search for good amenities hotels at the best prices. Prices for a particular listed hotel varies a lot from site to site. Also, different sites have different hotel listings. Thus, it is very necessary to check other sites also. We have curated 10 best Airbnb alternative 2019 which will help you search your best hotel for a wonderful stay. Read>

Airbnb alternative


HomeAway is the leading Airbnb alternative and one of the most popular sites like Airbnb. However, Airbnb listings are about four times greater than HomeAway. But, still, HomeAway is a great choice to search from several options with listed amenities. Moreover, It provides you with vacation rentals in 190 countries with over 1 million hotels, holiday homes, villas, and rental homes.

This site provides all the necessary information about their listings like – basic amenities, the total number of bedrooms, bathrooms, images, and parking facilities. Also, sites like – VRBO and VacationRentals are the other successful communities which are a part of HomeAway. It has paid and free-to-list options to suit most of the property owners according to their budget.


Tripping has huge listings and therefore the best Airbnb alternative 2019. Also, if you’re looking for longer stays then this site will suggest you several property listings to suit your needs. Further, in figures, it has more than 8 million property listings. That is, just the double of the Airbnb listings. Moreover, it has properties in 1,50,000 destinations, this is another amazing fact of this site.

All this means that if you can’t find the best hotel with Airbnb then there is a great chance that you’ll find with this site. In 2015, it has partnered with booking.com also to give its users a great experience. Moreover, search your hotel easily with filters of price range according to your budget, ratings, and amenities.


FlipKey is another good Airbnb alternative which is a part of Tripadvisor. It has more than 3,00,000 property listings which are a huge amount. It covers almost all — from low budget options to luxury options. Thus, you can find a wide variety of options according to your price range.

Moreover, this marketplace has the free-to-list option, which helps people to list their properties on this site at free of cost. Thus, if you want to list your own property on any site, then this is the most preferred site. Thus, from the owner’s point of view and from the traveler’s point of view — This is the best site from all the angles.


VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner), another site by HomeAway is becoming popular day by day like its parent site – HomeAway. It has fewer listings, approximately half that of HomeAway. Still, this site is doing great, the success behind this site may be due to several reasons. One such reason is – No booking charges/fees which is charged by Airbnb. Listings and most of the things are very similar to its parent site.


Tripadvisor is another good Airbnb alternative. This site is a complete package to suggest you vacation rentals, hotels, flight bookings, favorite travel destinations and attractions all over the world. You can easily search for good properties from its categories – High-end, mid-range, and top rentals affordable. Thus, you can go ahead with your budget and the properties of your choice. The site describes each and every property with a good description, amenities, images, reviews, and ratings. For travel tips, Read> Best Travel Tips 2019 – Make Your Travel Smarter With Travel Hacks


Booking.com is another Airbnb alternative in the sense that it doesn’t charge you for cancellation of the booking. Whereas, other sites like Airbnb charges you a certain amount for a booking cancellation. Thus, be sure about your unsure traveling plans with this site. It has over 8,00,000 property listings which are another best thing to look out for. Another good thing is that it has a free-to-list option which works best for the property owners.


Wimdu is amongst famous Airbnb competitors, which has over 3,00,000 properties in 100 countries all over the world. Currently, it has over 1,000,000 registered users with this site. The main attraction among the users is – Wimdu Wow deals with which one can save up to 70% of the total cost. Also, it has private properties rental listings which is another reason for its success. It offers the best deals, especially in European countries.


HouseTrip is another good Airbnb alternative, especially for Europe. It is a very famous site in Europe, like Airbnb is famous in the U.S.A. Also, like other famous sites in this blog, this site offers absolutely free-to-list options. Thus, the property owners can easily list their properties in this site. Being very famous in Europe, if you’re planning to travel in Europe, then this site is the best to look out for.


As the name suggests, LuxuryRetreats helps you find the luxurious extravagance hotels, villas, etc. The properties listed in this site are the selected properties of that area or location. Mainly, this site offers you luxurious villas with lavish sightseeing, beach and almost all the amenities. With all the high-rating and most expensive villas and properties, this site promises to give you unforgettable retreats in all sense.


Vaystays is another promising site for luxurious rental properties. It shows you extravagance properties in the U.S. and its neighboring states. This site contains highly coveted listings which are regularly checked by Vaystays. Its regular checks assure your safety and quality of the properties listed in this site. Thus, to have luxurious and unforgettable stays in the U.S., we recommend you to book from this site.

We hope that this list of Airbnb alternative will definitely help you with booking your vacation rentals. Please share your booking experience and which sites you’re using for booking your hotels and vacation rentals. Also, don’t forget to like and share us on Fb, Twitter,…, etc. Subscribe to our site to get daily updates of published posts through emails.

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