Best File Sharing Websites You Can Try

There are several best file sharing websites available in today’s date. Which are free and topmost file sharing websites? We have listed several popular file sharing websites you can try.


Best File Sharing Websites 2019

Nowadays, You can easily store, save and share a large amount of data online. Also, There are many websites which help you to share links of the large files with others to make the sharing process easy. There are many best file sharing websites which let you do almost everything with files – Storage, View, Download, Share,…, etc.

You have internet access and in today’s time, the internet is also cheap. Thus, you can now share a huge amount of data without worrying for GB’s required to do so. But, sharing takes a lot of time if you share without using best file sharing websites. Read>

best file sharing websites

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best place to store and share your files online. You can upload files via any means. Nowadays, smartphones have the drive option to save files, photos, etc. Thus, you can easily upload your important files to your Google drive. Furthermore, You can access your drive by signing in to your Gmail account. Here, You get first 15 GB of storage free with a single Gmail account. Moreover, You can easily share your files with the help of shareable links provided with every file. Thus, This is the best and easiest way to store your file and share them with others.


Dropbox helps you to easily access your files, especially the big ones. The big files like PowerPoint, Photoshop, Sketch,…, etc. are not easy to access or share. But, with the help of Dropbox, you can easily share your big files with others. In addition, you can safely sync across all devices you have for easy access and sharing of your files.


Microsoft developed OneDrive to backup files created using Microsoft Office. You can without worrying about the safety of your files can store files in this drive. Also, OneDrive is encrypted using SSL which helps to keep your files safe even at times when you lose your device. Here, sharing files is simple and easy. This is amongst the best file sharing websites you can try in 2019.

Mega NZ

Mega NZ is another best file sharing websites which are up for secure cloud storage. It provides end-to-end encrypted cloud storage of your files. This means even Mega team cannot access your files. In addition, It offers automated synchronization with your PC which helps you further with your storage of files. In addition, you can invite your friends and share your files with them very easily.


WeTransfer is amongst the best file sharing websites 2019. You can share up to 2 GB of file size for free. Here, you don’t need to create an account with WeTransfer to send the files, unlike others. Also, ou can also protect your files and set passwords to download the files at sender’s end. This website is the best for high storage of data and to share this heavy file.

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